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    What 5 features would you like to be added next?

    If you could pick 5 major things to be added to Xsyon in the near future and 5 minor things, what would they be? Not counting what they are already working on for the next patch.

    I would like to see

    Major features

    1) Skill decay and soft cap

    2) Death penalties (stat decrease of 0.1, maybe)

    3) Agriculture

    4) Animal taming

    5) Mounts (fast mount low encum, slower mounts high encumb, and mounts in between. perhaps mount speed/encumberance can be partly based on animal taming skill)

    Minor feature

    1) Storage Chests ranging from 100-1000 slots (perhaps based on your skill level in woodcrafting and different level recipes)

    2) Shovels that decay (except PO, this is why i picked excavator as PO, to never have to replace shovels. decay will give shovels more value of course)

    3) Baskets that decay if not inside a tribe zone

    4) 2 handed weapons

    5) Mining and smelting (for superior weaponry, crafted metal handles would be better than scavenged ones, for example)

    What 5 major and 5 minor features would you like to see in game in the near to mid future?

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    1. Totem decay from abandoned tribes (my #1 and I wish this could be made a priority)
    2. Ability to open pre-built structures like tents and huts the way you do bins, it doesn't take long to have a mess of bins scattered everywhere and it would give these types of buildings a better purpose. We all know that walking around inside these pre-built structures is pointless, the larger the structure the more it should be able to hold.
    3. Item decay from items not inside a building or covered area.
    4. Finish the Market system
    5. Archery

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    1) This totem rework system (
    2) MUCH stronger monsters in the world, WITH RARE REWARDS!!!
    3) Major rare resources LIMITED, in regional areas (contestable). (5X the bonus on the rare stuff now, the bonuses on stuff now is almost a joke).
    4) 50% faster decay on most items in the game.
    5) Skill decay, and skill caps, stat decay and MUCH faster changing options in stats. (Based on what you are skilling now)

    1) Carts (Minor because they are almost done)
    2) Zombies
    3) Bonuses to work on tools (master/artisans), and weapons (damage/str/dex/agi etc)
    4) Drop all items on death (no more death porting)
    5) Death Penalties (Basic ones until better evil/good system is out)

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    1. Stat and skill decay/gain/cap revamp, but only after we know exactly how to prevent decay and/or some sort of locking system.
    2. Tree and Agriculture systems.
    3. Alternate storage, whether in pre-built tents (could use same system as on carts..basically be a cart that can't move), or crates/boxes/chests, etc. built by woodworking and other skills.
    4. Item and world object decay (including repairing).
    5. Comfort system.

    Others...tweaking scavenged rares distribution (suggesting unique resource nodes instead of just throwing them into existing junkpile loot tables), tweaking up bonuses on rare mats and Artisan/Master tools, alignment system, Cooking and Alchemy systems. Totems eventually need another pass for features and basic functionality (permissions, upgrade on the fly, relocating within tribal boundaries, change to resource based upkeep and decay).

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    -meaningful content aka control of areas which gives you benefits ( ressources)
    -character system with player roles
    -remove of safezones in your tribe area ( we have gates and other stuff)

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    i'll be thirding that Totem decay for dead tribes.... one tribe in my area has a good portion of a junk yard under their protection and rest is mined out....

    Slow regeneration of non-renewable resources... < i mean SLOW as in like 1 patch a month mabey or so.. still making it invaluable to conserve but also helping rebuild areas that get stripped by someone who doesnt know what they are doing>

    my poor area was nice and lush, only part really peeving me off atm haha

    2 previous statements are my majors


    animal taming
    enterable/larger structures
    decaying baskets outside of tribal zones

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niburu View Post
    -character system with player roles
    Can you expand on this? What do you mean exactly?

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    Lots of good suggestions gang.


    2) Ranged weapons

    3) Agriculture / tree planting

    4) Increase attack/defense of predator animals - bears, coyotes and (zombies?)

    5) Another reset of tree spawns please. Someone striped my area clear to level up their logging skill. =/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crokus View Post
    Lots of good suggestions gang.

    5) Another reset of tree spawns please. Someone striped my area clear to level up their logging skill. =/
    there are 1000's of trees in the mountains - this game isn't designed to give you unlimited everything - just fyi - sorry if you were being sarcastic lol

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    Repair decaying items [i do not see a use of something falling apart that I cannot fix]
    Boats [ travel on river or lake, deep lake fishing]
    Mounts [hmm horses, camels, donkeys]
    Group or several tribal events to expunge an enemy or to complete a task

    Animals attacking from lakes or rivers
    seige weapons
    range weapons [archery or spears]
    trading posts

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