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    Single Elimination 1v1 Tournament, Entry Fee Req.


    Hey everyone. I thought in light of the recent combat changes, we would have a round of tournaments, for more than just fun.

    If the guides can help out on this one, it would be more than appreciated. Especially since it is a wager tournament, and people want to be trusted that they will get paid properly in the end if they do well in the tournament.

    When: Saturday, 10/22/2011 - 12PM PST

    Where: Hopefully the guides arena, if not, we can use Apache's vacant arena.

    Entry fee: choose one

    60 master titanium screws OR
    90 vhq titanium screws OR
    120 HQ titanium screws OR
    150 master iron screws OR
    180 vhq iron screws OR
    210 HQ iron screws OR
    250 master screws (any kind) OR
    300 vhq screws (any kind) OR
    350 high quality screws (any kind) OR
    500 screws of any quality and any kind


    1) I am thinking of a number between 1 and 1000. When you signup for the tournament, guess what number I am thinking of. The biggest undershoot and the biggest overshoot will be paired together. Then the 2nd biggest undershoot and 2nd biggest over shoot guess will be paired together, etc on down the line.

    2) If we have 16 participants, 4 matches of 1v1 on the left side side will be the first 4 pairs of guesses that over shot or under shot the number I was thinking of. The last 4 pairs will make up the right side of the tournament bracket. If we have slightly under 16 (or a square number amount of players), the closest number(s)to me will get a pass to the next round.

    3) No Pre Order weapons allowed

    4) Upon a tournament match death, full looting will be allowed only by the player who won the tournament match (so bring an extra basket if you want to bank people's loot).

    5) At the end of the tournament, there will only be one standing. At this point, hopefully guides can summon all the participants back to them ( if they help out that is). If not, I will be the one paying out the rewards. We will have to meet up somewhere in the middle of Tahoe by the lake, I'm sure.


    1st place will get 60% of the entry fee pot
    2nd place will get 30% of the entry fee pot
    3rd place will get 10% of the entree fee pot

    Participants so far

    -Audacius (me)

    If you want to participate, please post here and please post your guess on what number I am thinking of between 1 and 1000.

    Thanks, hope to see you all there!

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    WOW nice event. I'm in.
    Sign me up for 2 accounts.
    #977 = MrDDT
    #500 = Lady

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    haha nice. yeah, you can have two accounts as long as it doesnt go over 8 members or 16 members. or if lots of people object to two accounts, then perhaps its really not fair. we'll see.

    sorry for flipping out at you yesterday, i had a bad day and took it out on you. i almost feel bi polar now.

    Added after 3 Hours 29 minutes:

    Actually, I just realized that you are going to have to pick a new number and message me with it.

    Numbers can't be public before the event, or everyone will choose the opposite of what you do.

    Added after 16 Hours 52 minutes:

    It's likely I'll only allow you to have one account, since this is a wager tournament. Bump

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    You are more than welcome to use the Apache arena - I'm back in Apache now - let me know if you want to use it.

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    Ahh cool! Well, you want to signup? May have to postpone this body wants to lose their pixels even if it means a more fun time gaming (adrenaline flowing in combat more when you have items to lose).

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorCalGooey View Post
    Ahh cool! Well, you want to signup? May have to postpone this body wants to lose their pixels even if it means a more fun time gaming (adrenaline flowing in combat more when you have items to lose).
    I think it works out better if you just set a date and show up

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    Last time Apache tried that, they hand to cancel it.

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    bump...i dont think we will be having this tourney.

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