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    A wildlife question

    When I last played this game, it took hours for me or even more to find a animal. I was just wondering if anything actually happend since then, or is it still really hard to find animals? Also if it isn't, does anyone know if they're planning on making it easier to find animals?

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    Wildlife? I've seen more rabbits, squirrels and kittens than anything else. Vicous little creatures. Beware.

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    Radical good question for the Q&A.

    But so far, Ive seen a major decrease again in wildlife. I can go for an hour or more without seeing anything, and if you are out hunting good luck, you might find some rats or a hamster/cat etc. But finding a bear deer raccoon or coyote (Animals that add bonuses to bones) its very hard.

    There needs to be tracking, there needs to be MUCH stronger animals out there to help people get more into the survial aspect of this game. Running into a bear isnt even scary in this game, its like oh look a bear BAM, its dead. If they were very dangerous then I can see trying to get a group together to hunt it down, and then the rewards would be more fun, but right now its like who is lucky enough to randomly find one is going to get the rewards. No combat tactics, skills weapons etc needed.

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    I don't see why they can't increase the rate of animal spawn. Perhaps its hard to balance. Even if all animals are killed in an area, there should still be a source where they spawn from. They should just spawn faster the more there are in an area (breeding).

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxhardcore View Post
    This isn't nature. This isn't real life. Animals don't "breed" in online video games, and any attempt to replicate such a delicate cycle simply won't work.
    How so? I understand thats your opinion but I dont see how its backed up by anything.

    Ive already seen this happen with breeding in Wurm online. Also in Xsyon it was working before then they changed something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxhardcore View Post
    They can call it whatever, but it's still just spawning. Do you understand?
    I guess, you want to think of it like that. But then you can say that about a lot of things in game. The point of the "spawning" vs "breeding" is that they require other animals to "breed" the point of it is that. Just popping up because its a "spawn" point and not any other reason is what people call spawning normally.

    Which is why they normally have what they call a "spawn" point.

    While breeding doesnt work like that, the spawn point is based off other animals and it may or may not spawn in a 1 location over another.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxhardcore View Post
    = four paragraphs of bribble.
    Why the personal attacks? Can you support your reasoning that breeding can't be coded?

    To me, the biggest problem with the breeding system is that animals can be hunted to extinction, just like the real world. I like that idea, except that most gamers would prefer to kill animals relentlessly, rather than work together to preserve a species. If breeding doesn't work, it's the fault of gamers, not the coders.

    I wouldn't mind playing the role of zoo keeper, if it were possible to capture animals and pen them up. Assuming my zoo had a sustainable population, I would release the extras to the wild.

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    He is saying that you cant code it because no matter what its still a game and they dont really breed. I just shake my head and move on with people like that.

    I think there needs to be something done about the animals. I like the breeding idea, but it needs to be really faster because like you said people dont care, they will hunt and hunt because the act of hunting is fun, and they want something to be fun not work of breeding.

    I wouldnt mind animals breeding IF they were not the ONLY source of PVE. If we had zombies and mutants, vampires etc. I wouldnt mind breeding aspect at all. But right now all we have to hunt are the very limited players, and the very limited animals.

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    That's like saying your sword really isn't swinging at me because it's a game. Stupid, agreed.

    They simply need to code it so "X amount of creatures in territory South for example = Y amount for rate of spawn.

    If X = below 50, they spawn at 5x the rate until they reach over 50. Then they spawn at a 2x rate until 100, and 3x rate until 200, 4x rate until 300. After hitting 400 the growth will stop. If it hits 300 again, growth will start back at 300.

    Something like that perhaps... I don't know.

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    Isnt ending up with none left a consequence?

    I think there should be more, but really I think there are better ways to do it over all. People wont kill all the animals if there were bigger game to hunt. Right now its the only game in down.

    Why would people go around killing all the rabbits and deer when they can get better rewards and challenge from a vampire or zombie or something? People wont worry about killing a deer or rabbit here or there. Now people might need those bones or something so they will kill them, but it wont be that much. If they are clearing them completely out of an area, they are only hurting themselves too.

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