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    consistent crashing moving structures

    I an having issues crashing every time I try and move a structure that gets stuck on another structure.

    Also I cannot move floors under roofs nor roofs over floor sections.

    Anyone else seeing this ?

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    I have this last weekend. I crashed each time I bumped a floor tile into a camp fire. I did NOT have trouble moving floor tiles under roof structures and vice versa.

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    I crashed couple days ago moving a floor mat into my totem, did it couple times just to confirm it wasn't random.

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    ok so far it seems for me anyway, that its just the mason brick roof. Other roofs will let me put floors under them

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    I crashed with a pioneers canopy. Not sure if it died because I hit one of the baskets nearby or if it collided with my character.

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    Hello everyone!

    This issue has been fixed and will be ready for the next patch.


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