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    Tax System for Housing

    I was trying to think of how a tax system could be setup for housing within a tribe zone within the current game setup. I don't know what other systems will be added later so I tried to think of how it would work right now.

    The tax would be based on the tribes set currency

    The person with the correct rank would be able to right click a door and set an option that says this is a taxable item, a new option would become available that gives you several options.

    1. Set amount of tax
    2. Set the interval it has to be paid
    3. Set a grace period
    4. Select the player to be taxed

    The person paying the tax would be able to right click the door for making tax payments

    The person with the correct rank would be able to right click the door and remove/collect the payment

    If payment is not paid within the grace period, the door changes to a darkshade of color or anything that would show the tax wasn't paid and the ability to lock your door would be removed

    The reason I would rather have it this way where you can set individual tax is so that you can offer different size housing areas where the larger housing would obviously have a higher tax.

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    That sounds cool.

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    Yeh I like the idea.
    I was wondering once you have constructed your individual building, if you could actually "group" all the individual elements (walls roof etc) together to form 1 entity. Which would then allow you to set the permissions/taxes etc for the whole structure rather than an individual element of the building as it is at the moment with renaming roofs.
    Would this be difficult to add?

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    I could see this leading to entry fees (like for tournements) and renting (homes/areas) to non tribe members, this could be a good thing

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