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    How do you think Zombie's should be introduced?

    I've been wondering exactly how this would happen. Particularly around the abandoned totems. Do you think the number of zombies will be related to the number of inactive players kind of like they are the undead coming back? We might have a Dead Frontier situation shaping up

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    they should come up from the ground

    I don't think it should be based on inactive players - the server would crash - jk

    however I like zombies and I can't wait until they are in game.

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    I agree the rate of spawn should come from the number of inactive players that are part of a certain tribe. When the totem decays completely, the zombies would stop spawning.

    Unless this is too unbalanced, but it makes sense.

    Also, zombies could spawn from the mist and be programmed to head toward the center of the world as well.

    First post and you joined in March 2010? Wow! I remember discussing this with you in local chat, glad to see you posted this thread.

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    Isn't the middle of the world, a lake?

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    I would love to see zombies .. and since Jordi said he wanted to try and get them in by November, I am wondering why this question?

    On how they should spawn, to limit the crash/lag potential, why not base them the number of ACTIVE members of a tribe?

    That way, for tribes with2-10 members they will have an reasonable amount of zombies to have to deal with, and areas with no active players wont have any spawn.

    Anyway, if they will spawn on junk piles and head straight for inhabited tribes with active players it will be more like what you would expect if this was .. um... real.

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    Because they are planned to be developed in the near future, that means we aren't suppose to discuss how they should work? Question says "How do you think" not "When do you think"

    Makes no sense mac. It's vice versa.

    Added after 5 minutes:

    The whole point of zombies spawning out of inactive totems represent those inactive players turning to into zombies. If it was based on active members, those with the most members get the most zombie spawns to kill (and therefore the most items from zombies)

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    I would like to see zombies start from a main zombie. Over time spawning more and more.
    If you kill the main zombie you get the best rewards, killing the minions yield minor rewards.
    As zombies get stronger (killing people) they take their loots and in that case yield better rewards.

    I dont like the idea basing zombies off totems or number of active players, because it would be easy to wipe them out or exploit it. I would like to have action in the game, not a system to exploit for more zombies or a limited few get to deal with them.

    Zombies should be feared. Breaking walls, and looting items from players and bins. I really hope they are not something people just forget about like bears or coyotes.

    I would like to wake up one morning and see 50 zombies beating at my gates trying to get into my village. Me having to round up some friends, or using really good tactics to kill them before they break into my town and reek havoc.

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    I'm not sure on how they are going to "balance" zombie traffic. I see a couple issues though.

    If based on inactive members of a tribe we will have loads of zombies (YAY!) but then when totem decay comes in and takes away the totems we won't have too many zombies (BOO!)

    If it's based on active members in a tribe, larger tribes will get more action, which is fine, they have more ways to split the spoils. But I fear it won't be to much of a challenge for a larger tribe where as a homesteader might get overwhelmed......Then again thinking about that, that's the way it should be. Safety in numbers, lone wolf players will always have more risk of being over run because they don't have same amount of man power available.

    On a side note I'm hoping that they don't just gravitate to tribes, I want to be out hunting or whatnot and get jumped by anywhere from two to ten zombies.

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    Some random thoughts...

    Have them crawl out of the mist and wander around at night.

    Have some hang around inactive totems and maybe the caves.

    Maybe give them an attack bonus at night and debuff during the day.

    Cause trouble trying to break into your homestead.

    Loot your gear and get stronger if they kill you.

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    Not sure how you could exploit it if it was based off number of active players.

    Yes, you could wipe out a group, then you have limited your loot potential until they spawn again..

    and given the fact that they will loot us and can get stronger means this will never be a big issue..

    its more self correcting than anything else suggested.

    I do agree of course with them being out in the wilds so that they can hunt players all over... else what is the point of even having them.

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