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    NorCal's Suggestion Compilation

    Note: Didn't mean to post this yet, still a work in progress.

    Just seems easier to me to make one big post then to add 50 suggestion to the tracker. So that's what I'm going to do.

    I feel some sort of pull towards helping the game out again, at least part time. So, take it or leave it.

    I am enjoying the game again and see it moving in the right direction, and this thread would not have been created if that weren't the case.



    Survival Suggestions

    -Add a negative food and water meter. When you hit empty in the current meter, the bar will start filling up red. If it fills up full red, you will die.

    -More reason to drink and eat food for when you are not close to death from thirst/hunger. A good one would be increased stat gain speed when one is well fed and not thirsty. Below 3/4, you get a small loss to stat gain speed, Below 1/2 more, and below 1/4 even more. Then at empty even more of a loss to stat gain speed, and even more loss to speed when the red bar fills up to 1/4, 1/2, 3/4. At full you will die, remember.

    -If this is not the case already, I'd like to see it so being ABOVE half food and water should NOT ONLY provide less stamina use with actions, but MORE stamina gain upon resting. You do not sleep (or rest) well when you are hungry or thirsty.

    -Fish should spoil. It doesn't have to be instant, but people who played 6 months ago shouldn't come back to having a bunch of fish that are edible. I think maybe one month of storage in a basket, and then the fish will spoil. An interesting twist might be to make the food still edible after a long time, but will give you a chance of sickness (stat debuff or something of the like).

    - Death penalties. If you die you get a debuff of -1 to all stats for 24 hours. If you die again in that 24 hour period you get a 0.1 decrease to each stat. This will promote more emphasis on surviving.

    Stats and Skill Suggestions

    Animal Suggestions

    -I think deer need to hit about 2x harder, and have 5x more hit points, on average (so if a baby does 1 damage it should do 2, if full grown does 3 now it should do 6)
    -I think bears need to hit about 4x harder, and have 10x more hit points (so if a baby does 2 it should do 8, if a full grown does 4 it should do 16). Bears need to be feared.

    -Making creatures stronger will create more emphasis on survival. Getting bones from bears especially, shouldn't be easy.
    -Another way to make taking down creatures the harder is to make creatures travel in packs and attack in packs.

    Totem Suggestions

    -Put a 'hire worker' button on the totem. This will hire someone into the tribe, without them having to leave their own tribe. This will not extend the boundary of the tribe, it will merely add them to a separate rank called "Worker or Guest", with all the same customized permissions available to be set by those with "set permissions". This will not bind the worker to the tribe they are working with, they will still be bound to their own totem. When you click the hire worker, a screen will pop up like a trade window. The items traded in exchange for the work will be shown to the worker in an offer along side the amount of hours needed to work to obtain these items. If they hit accept they will start their work shift and be able to work on the new tribe area for whatever amount of hours was agreed upon. During this work shift, they will not be able to access their own land (meaning they will be treated as no permissions, the only thing their land will still do is be a safe zone for items, but they wont be able to access those items) unless they cancel the work shift, which would cancel out the payment. This would prevent people from doing extremely long shifts just so one will be able to use two territories at once for a long period of time. This would have major abuse issues.

    -House Tax System

    Item Suggestions

    -Shovels need to decay and break. Most other crafted items do. This will also make the excavator more effective (for those who chose it assuming it would be an unlimited shovel, not knowing all shovels would be unlimited durability while digging like they are now) for those who chose it as their Pre-Order weapon. I think an appropriate amount of time for a shovel breaking should be equivalent to an axe or other tool breaking.

    -Baskets need to decay if not inside a tribe zone.

    -Pre Order weapon should be equivalent to very high quality weapons in damage on any other similar damage weapon (vhq po blade and vhq blade, vhq po axe and vhq axe, etc), not master or supreme damage like it is now. The fact that PO weapons do not break or cannot be looted, and does master quality damage, makes most weapons inferior. I think right now only supreme weapons do more damage. I think supreme and master should do more than PO, since after all the PO says VHQ on the tooltip.

    -In addition to baskets, we should be able to create wooden chests through the wood craft skill. These would be a bit harder to make than a basket, and should have 1000 slots. It would only take up the space of about 4 or 5 baskets, so it would be much more efficient for larger storage.

    -In addition to water pouches that perhaps allow for 2 fill ups, there should be water buckets that allow for 8 water fill ups. Water buckets cannot be carried at the same time as carrying a basket or another item on your back slot (like a log). In addition to this, there should be water kegs/barrels that cannot be moved when they are full, except by cart. They are mainly meant to be used as water storage within the tribe area, and should provide something like 40 fill ups. Water pouches are for on the go water, and water buckets are for transporting water from the river to home for storage in the water bucket itself, or to be emptied into the water keg/barrel. By the way one fill up = empty bar to full bar = 4 drinking actions

    Architecture Suggestions

    -straight staircase, L staircase, and U staircase

    - short bridge (2x4), medium bridge (3x6), long bridge (4x8)

    - roofs and floors should also come in more than just the standard 4x4. I'd like to see a 4x4 roof and floor as is now, but also add in a 2x4, 3x6, 4x8. Also needed is a larger square floor and roof.

    - if possible, ROOFS should ONLY have the support posts while in ghost mode. This is so the roof can still be placed properly next to walls while in ghost mode. But after it is built, the supports should disappear and the roof should just float. Roofs already float from a distance, because you cannot see the terraform beneath them. The only reason a roof would appear to be floating while up close, is because people forgot to build walls under the roof. The walls should be the support, we don't need these stupid posts that just cause a complete headache.

    -If you can't fix this, an 8x8 room will drastically reduce the amount of posts in the middle of a room.

    -Sign post, and arrow post (such as -->) that can be labeled. only one direction of arrow would be needed if it could be rotated like it is now.

    -Ability to determine what kind of building we want a roof space to be. If I wanted the building to be a granary, then the roof would have to be built with an extra 20 fish thrown into the recipe (or whatever it may be). Doing this will give the room a granary bonus, and should allow food to keep longer without decaying and rotting. I can't think of any other type of buildings that may give a bonus, and I may throw this idea out completely if I cannot expand on it.

    Resource Suggestions

    -I'd like to see some new resources added into the game, that are pretty rare, and create more powerful items than anything we have now. However, each of these resources needs to be split apart into regions. If A,B,C and D resources are added to the game, then one region (lets just say the North 1/4 of the map) should have 85% A, and 5% B, 5% C, and 5%, D resources. If it takes A, B, C and D to make a powerful item (whether it be a tool,weapon,armor, rare architecture building, etc), then regional trade will be promoted instantly.

    Character Balance

    -Character weight should give a slight % increase to overall damage

    -Character height should increase swing range.

    Misc Suggestions

    Combat Suggestions

    -If the attacker gets parried the attacker should receive a brief stun. The stun should be just long enough so that the defender (who parried) can have time to get in a quick attack before the stunned player has a chance to attack or parry again during that same time period.

    - A cleave attack would be nice. One that hits in a frontal cone maybe 90* wide

    Abuse Issues

    -Upon death, players need to have some sort of death penalty. I think this penalty should be a debuff to start with, this debuff lowers stats by -1 for 24 hours. If you die again within that 24 hours, you will lose 0.1 from each stat. This will be so naked PvP does not become a form of griefing, just because you won't lose much when dying (PO weapon is all I need to kill 99% of players in the game, no matter what they are wearing. However, if they players stand together, they can likely kill the stronger naked player, thus giving him a death penalty). Also this will be used to ensure players do not use death teleporting for fast travel or trading. It is also a way to put more emphasis on survival in this game. However, even more must be done here, as people do think outside the box.

    -Upon death, players need to drop their entire inventory. The reason for this is that even with severe death penalties put in, some people WILL buy extra accounts that they do not care about the death penalties on that character. This will just be used for instant travel back and forth between certain places, with up to 140 slots of inventory (100 basket, 10x4 pouches)

    -1 road build action needs to cost 1 brick. Otherwise, its far too easy to pave over junkpiles, grass, branches and most of the rest of the world. If this is not implemented, I foresee this as a huge problem in the future. I don't think destroying others junkpiles with roads should be completely eliminated, but it should be very hard to do. (IE, having to haul around heavy bricks).

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    will you add this:

    Also under architect suggestion add the same type of thing for roofs and floors that was suggested for bridges.

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    Thanks Keith, I will. Also going to add dezgards totem system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorCalGooey View Post
    Thanks Keith, I will. Also going to add dezgards totem system.
    I think I misunderstood you completely on the bridge thing

    If a roof is currently 4x4 then it needs to be like 16x16 etc with lots of other choices.

    I don't no anyone that would build a house with the current 4x4 size on purpose if there were other options.

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    yes, t here should be a 4x4, 8x8, 16x16, maybe even a 32x32..

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    Bump, edited the post to reflect what is in game and what is not in game. if you have any suggestions I will add them here.

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    +1 to everything here.

    I would however suggest also that the fight or flight actions of the Mule deer be changed to that of flight only with the exception of the Rut time. Currently these mule Deer are acting like predators-something they are not.

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    I agree and I would also like to see deer be so fast only ranged can really hunt them successfully.

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