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    Logging should level very FAST!

    I think logging should be a skill that you can level to 100 really fast, it will help with deforestation by people chopping trees down just to level there toon.

    I know there will always be those that do it just for the fun of it or to grief.

    I'm not saying there are not enough trees or to many, I'm just saying it would keep people from having to cut down as many just to level.

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    Did you know that you can level logging by chopping firewood? If you did know have you tried to spread this knowledge so people won't deforest areas just for a couple logging points?


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    did not know that, but thanks for the info

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    Ya, no one should be deforesting now due to logging skill gains.

    You get about 5 to 25 logs per tree, each firewood crafting works logging just as chopping a tree down, and chopping it into logs.

    Before the ONLY time you got logging skill was the felling of a tree. Now you get it for felling, cutting it up, and making firewood (which firewood is useless but still).

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    still doesnt stop people from deforestin. my entire area hasnt had any new trees in 4 months. Each time it did get them, the trees were gone within 4 days. The only trees currently around are ones in inactive totems. So that trick is useless when same thing still happens.

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    Actually MrDDT has been clear cutting the area due west of us in 895. I say clear cutting since he is not leaving ANY trees to re-sprout in the large area he was working.

    It does look like he is actually using the wood to some degree, but of the 30-40 trees that were there are gone now.

    We were working that area and trying to manage the area by leaving trees to re-sprout but is now not possible. It won't harm us as a tribe any since we can just work another area, and distance means nothing at the moment.


    Deforestation still IS happening.

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    Its more southwest of you, but there are 1000s of trees there. Its not like I cut very many, maybe 100. Its not to level up logging either. Ive used all that wood. You deforest way more than I have in your area. Im already a zone away 1 more zone I will be in the mist.

    Planting will come and you guys will still whine.

    Fatboy you cut down all your own trees, you and your noobs. If you didnt mass recruit Im sure you would still have trees in your area to work with. Plus try not defacing all the land around you with your buildings and terraforming, it would help a lot to allow trees to sprout there when you did have trees.

    Ive traveled a lot of zones and Fatboy/Mac you area is one of the worst, you guys deforest most of it without any help from others. Then just outside of your zones you have 1000s of trees bunched up. Yet you still cry about it. So sad.

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    Nope .. that's is wrong.

    It is an assumption that we cut them. We did not. They were already cut when we got here when we moved from zone 857.

    We did of course use all the logs that were left behind. Then the re-spawn of the trees came and literally over night someone cut the majority back down... WHO exactly we will never know... BUT, it was not us.

    I am not blaming you for something you don't admit.. I even limited it to 30-40 trees and you say 100 shrug... BUT to claim we cut those trees around us is a false and inaccurate statement.

    You may believe that but it is not true.

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    Ive seen your tribe cut them. Its been shown before and I can show it again. Heck there is tons of trees cut down here by YOUR tribe members.

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    ddt ya lieing jackass, i havent touched any tree in over 5 months, so far 8 trees sprouted beside my city, and they have all been purposly choped down when i asked every1 to leavem be. Also my tribes inactive, so go piss off on that noob shit. i keep waiting n waiting for the area to refill, Also the logs i do i have 6 months ago i went to an area far from my city and brought them back. My area is dead, And some1 is purposely keeping it deforested. and its not my tribe, their all inactive, isnt macs, So that leaves you.

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