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    Questions for the week 10/24 through 10/30

    Please post your Questions to the Developers below...

    Thank you.

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    Any idea when you think you will be re-releasing the game? (doing ads and stuff)? Like when do you plan to have it ready enough to do this?

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    This question has been asked before, but I think it was misunderstood .. or I'm missing something.

    Q: Will we get a borderless fullscreen window mode?

    A: Yes, we have a borderless fullscreen mode now.
    How can we have the game in windowed mode, but in a maximized way, without titlebar and borders? I see no option for this. Could you elaborate on how we can do that if it's really already implemented?

    2) Will we ever get a more detailed stat effects tooltip? Saying something increases Stat X, doesn't help a ton, especially if there are a lot of different items around at some point that do the same. If we don't get an exact number will there be at least tooltips that mention a value range like "slightly increases, majorly increases" etc. so we can differentiate between low stat bonuses from really good items?

    EDIT: Thanks a lot, this has been added with an update today

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    Q: What are the following stats for or supposed to be for at some point: "Flex", "Tension", "Heat Resistance" compared to "Fire Resistance"

    Q: How does the "Armor" stat work and how do resistances work if they are already added in some way. Is it a flat reduction, a percentage reduction based on the basic armor parts you have, a percentage based on some stats?

    Q: How are the different skills that can create armor (leathercraft, bonecraft, basketry & tailoring from what I know so far) supposed to work in the future. Are there plans to make them about equal, are there plans to give each of them special benefits and weaknesses? Are there plans for some of them to be less effective with pure armor, but will they get more normal clothing maybe more intended for comfort and the like? Overall where do you expect these skills to go.

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    Will zombies and mutants be able to climb high dirt walls without stone or wood walls placed on them?

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