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    New to the Xsyon scene

    Hey guys,

    Stumbled upon the youtube vids today, within half an hour decided I'll probably get hooked so I'm just waiting on the client download.
    I currently still have a couple of subs running for Mortal but haven't been feeling the recent pushes toward PvP over crafting and building, explains why I end up here.
    For timezones sake I'm Australian and slot in somewhere between eastern and aussie peak times. Look foward to seeing you all in-game.


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    Welcome Offal!

    If you decide to join a tribe hook up with me in game or send me a pm on the forums here - my in game name is One - you can whisper me with /w One hit spacebar then type - if you just need help you are welcome to whisper me as well.

    Before this gets derailed I'll fill you in with some info about this game.

    Anywhere outside your totem area is FFA PVP (this is the area that a tribe controls and the size of the area is based on a couple factors) the alignment system has not been added yet, so killing people goes without any type of consequence.

    The games direction from the info that I have gathered from dev posts seems to be like this:

    1. FFA PVP will always be allowed outside a tribe's totem zone

    2. The alignment system will be based on your tribes alignment status - good, neutral, evil. Good & Neutral players will be able to attack each other but there will be negative consequence towards your alignment, also loot options will be limited for good/neutral players. (It will also depend on who attack's first) - Evil players can attack anyone and be attacked by anyone without consequence, evil players will have full loot capabilities on who they kill. (this is not in game yet)

    3. There will be an option for tribes to set themselves as a contested tribe, which will allow for tribe wars and territory wars. (this is not in game yet and has not been fully explained as to how it will work), however you won't be able to just flip a switch each time you want to change your tribes status - once it's set then it will be very difficult to change it. I assume you will have to disband your tribe, which means you lose your area of control in order to change your conquest status, that's how you change your tribes alignment status now even though the alignment system is not fully implemented.

    4. We are headed in the direction for this type of pvp talked about in #3, we get bonuses to our combat stats while in our tribe zone - this wouldn't be needed if we would not ever need to fight inside our tribe zone. Also, we now have gates that we can build to secure our entrances/exits to our tribe areas which is another step towards tribal pvp.

    5. There are many things not in game yet but are said to be almost done like taming, cooking, agriculture etc. - if you played MO then you know what it means to play an indie game, however I have played MO as well and can tell you that you won't find a better dev team than the Xsyon devs. We get updates about what they are doing several times a week and patch's get released 1-3 times a month, they are awesome and communicate well on the forums, you will even find them in game helping out and asking questions from time to time.

    The game has it's faults, but from a long time player (since beta) I can tell you this game has come a long way and gets better with every patch where lots of other games just get worse with each patch or mess up more than they fix with each patch.

    The current and closest features said to be coming over the next 1-3 patch releases are carts, some new architecture parts, lot's of bug fixes and zombies that roam the world and attack/loot players and use our gear against us.

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    Welcome to the game.

    If you like building Xsyon has a great system that allows you to create you own home/fort/market. Teraforming the earth can be challenging at the start, but you can design some amazing stuctures with the pieces they currently have in game and incoming soon. I've been working on my keep on and off for months and I'm glad to have a growing library of structural blueprints.

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    Hello and welcome to the game!

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