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    xsyon, Is it worth it?

    Hey guys, i'm just here to ask What is Xsyon exactly..... I'm comming from a LONG history of playing Wurm online, and ive grown tired of it and im looking for something diffrent and stumbled uppon Xsyon. Now Ive seen the Youtube tutorials and ive gained an intrest as it seems even better than Wurm. But I do have some questions...

    First and formostly, what is the playerbase for xsyon right now, I dont want to invest time in a game with 20 people on at a time....

    What stage is Xsyon in at the moment? is it pre-release? i dont quite understand after watchign the videos, or is it realeased but steadily being developed

    thats all for now thanks


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    Pop is low, I would say less than 100 online at a time, but its been going up.

    Its been released and steadily being worked on. Lots of good patches the last few months. Just had one today.

    Its a lot like Wurm Online, only getting much better. Some areas its not as good but overall I would say much better, and getting better faster.

    I expect with the Zombies/Mutants coming soon. It will explode into a well rounded and very fun/popular game.

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    Hey Nightmare I have a town in game that about 8 former wurm players have started. My in game name is aratig but you can get in touch with solei, goathill, or asharad if I'm not on.

    Hope to see you in game if you decide to buy the game it's well worth the money with what is in game along with what will be coming in very soon. Carts, zombies, mutants, and they just added ramps and platforms in prep for two story structures.

    Our village is called Xylia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmare View Post
    I dont want to invest time in a game with 20 people on at a time....
    I think the trick is finding an active group. I think this is true of any game.

    IMO, you should pay for a month and see if you can find an active group. If you don't like the game, then move on.

    Quote Originally Posted by Doughboy View Post
    I hope they come soon. I hope they are numerous. I hope they eat brains. I hope they beat at our gates. I hope they cause grief in the world.

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