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    You have found something useful!

    After looking here and there for a new challenging and interesting game, tired of all the boring mainstream - get squeezed into classes - MMO's I finally stumbled over a Youtube video of Xsyon and thought I'd give it a closer look.

    Long story short, you need people with intelligence for this sort of mission .. quest ... thing!

    I'm rather late and you've already started for quite a while, but as we all know, a wizard is never late. Too bad that I'm not a wizard, but heck who cares either way.

    Who am I if not a wizard? Well I should be a bit more precise and actually say "us" because I've been dragging my boyfriend here with me. He's not playing as much as I am, so you will mostly see me around playing with both chars, but sometimes we might be around together.

    I'm currently 24, living in Vienna, Austria (roo roo .. no roo's - Austria is in Europe!) and have started with MMO's back in 97 and 98 with Ultima Online and Asheron's Call. I've been playing lots and lots of different MMOs and spent a lot of time over the past 14 years on them, basically growing up with them. Shortly before that I started to read fantasy and later on also had several pen & paper roleplaying groups.

    Ingame you will find me either on Rielle or on Melaire, doing all kinds of things, normally collecting logs or cutting down trees if they block the road because there are too many, or crafting tools to collect more logs ... or building walls with the logs ..

    My homestead is by now called Lumber Mill and after recent projects to defend my place (eek - what zombies are stealing from my bins? - I need a big wall!) and countless hours of slave work for my boyfriend who had to collect logs I finally feel save enough to get to other things again.

    Out of game I normally listen to Miriam, Miri, Mel, Mommy or Hey you, with the latter not being one of my favorites.

    Hope to see you all ingame.

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    welcome to Xsyon, it's always great to see new faces around here!

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    Hey you! Great to have you on board

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    Greetings and Welcome to the Game!

    Look forward to seeing you in-game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melaire View Post
    have started with MMO's back in 97 and 98 with Ultima Online and Asheron's Call
    I played Asheron's Call way back then too. I was on the Morningthaw server.

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    I've played a good part of my time on DT, but my bf played on MT (before we met each other that is :P other wise he might have moved ^^) from what I know he was in a group called Icelords.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melaire View Post
    I've played a good part of my time on DT
    Ah, maybe you were the person who spawn camped me on DT? lol

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    Xsyon Citizen
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    Feb 2011
    Ontario Canada!
    Welcome to the game! im beating ya by a year and a bit how come no one started with Meridian 59! damn 3DOH! hahaha

    loved AC was on TD and DT <paulthegreat on DT, wangtangbang on TD>

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    Hehe thanks all for the welcome

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    Welcome, welcome. Let me know when you get your lumber mill up and running. I'll be looking for HQ+ mats (boards, studs, etc.) in the future.

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