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Thread: New to Xsyon

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    New to Xsyon

    My name is Nightfall ingame, my wife and I started Xsyon a few days ago. Her ingame name is Angelina. We met online a few years ago and enjoy kicking around the universe together in several forms. Currently I'm the founder/president of a corp that contracts drivers/trucks to fedex ground in middle Tennessee. I guess I'm an old fart in gaming years, I started in 77 with a Matel Football I handheld (which I proudly still have and it still works). Seriously though, my first computer was a TRS-80 with a whopping 16k ram and a cassette player for storage. Most games then were text only so the lack of graphics forced an already active imagination to kick into overdrive ( for example). Moved up in mid 80's to a tandy ex1000 and discovered Kings Quest, one of the first '3d' games (
    Then I ended up with an Amiga 500, seemingly far ahead of its time. I worked at a software store while majoring in IT for awhile and had access to every game and system on the planet (they gave me a key to the place, and several of us would stay into the wee hours after closing having tournaments, great fun that was!).
    I've played several online games, worldwar2online, galaxies, everquest 1 & 2, second life, roma victor, world of warcraft, rift to name a few. One of the most fun things was co-designing a module for a persistant world server for neverwinter nights. The module was one of the first public releases for download and it is still hosted on servers for the game around the world, with well over 100,000 downloads. We were one of the first to use the ATS crafting system in it, so I know about clicking/crafting until your eyes bleed. The server I played on was 1 step short of perma-death for characters, in that a death could cost you months of playing time in experience (good example is a zombie might give you 1 experience point, but a death could cost you 8000 points, lowering your levels/skills).
    I no longer try to be the 'best' or pursue to have a grand guild or even min/max any of my characters. I do not even so much as glance at the combat logs unless it is to help Angelina with something. I merely play the game for the game itself, and to relax.
    Theres a good chance we'll have some folks join us from previous games or from work.
    I've enjoyed the game and the community immensely so far

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    Welcome around, nice to see that the community is getting bigger and bigger

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    Welcome to Xsyon!

    I saw yall today at the event, and how you and your wife made it where yours and your wifes character holds hands. Its always refreshing to see married couples enjoy a game together! My wife and I both play Xsyon, and looking forward in seeing you in game, and getting to know yall better.

    Welcome to Xsyon, hope you enjoy the game.. and if you have any questions feel free to ask me, or anyone else in global chat!.. we are a very helpful community!

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    I loved King's Quest!

    Great to have you on board, if you ever need help or have any questions my in game name is One - feel free to contact me anytime.

    cya around

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    Hi, welcome to Xsyon, hope you enjoy your time here, any questions just shout the community ingame is very helpful

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    Welcome to the game. Glad to see another vet join the Xsyon ranks. I thought I was an ol'timer, but you have me beat. I started with D&D on my Atari 2600 and then Buck Rogers on my C64.

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    Welcome to the game!

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