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    Questions of Week 10/31 through 11/6

    Please post your questions to the Devs Below...

    Thank you.

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    1. What is your ETA for implementing the skill decay?
    2. What is your ETA for implementing structure decay?

    I'm not looking for exact dates, just want to know if it's on your short term, mid term, or long term list.

    3. Can you give any details on how structure decay will work, for example will the quality drop by a quality per season until it breaks or by some other factor?

    4. Will there be a way to repair structures?

    5. Have you thought about how the quality would affect the HP of a wall or structure if it were to be attacked?

    6. Have you thought about what it would take to destroy a structure if it were to be attacked, for example would you be able to run up to it and start beating on it with your fist or weapon - or would you have to use some type of siege equipment like a catapult or battering ram?

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    Status on Zombies/Mutants?
    How are they going to behave?
    Are they going to destroy walls to get in?
    Are they going to loot baskets/bins?
    Are they going to loot players?
    What types of resources will they provide?
    Are animals going to be killed by them?
    Will they be faster than animals now to make them remotely harder?
    Will there be many versions of both zombies and mutants?
    Will they be able to tear down totems?

    Whats the status on changing the totem system?

    Whats going on with totem decay?

    What are your plans to promote trading and economy in this game?

    Where is the survival aspect of this game going to be coming from?

    Is food and water going to play a part in survival?

    Is clothing going to play a part in survival?

    Will people need or even want shelter in this game?

    Whats your plans to get new players?

    Whats your plans on making it easier for new players to stick it out?

    Skill decay plans ETA?
    Skill pools " "?
    Stat changes?
    Skill caps?

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    tradingsystem, characture info, to much mousclick

    My name in game is Snakepit.

    Question how will the tradingsystem work in the future.

    Will it be a window that you open by clicking on you totem. And when your goods is purchased by a player will the goods automatice end up at the buyers his totem.
    or will the goods were bought end up in some type of mailbox directly outsite your tribe. this way people still need to travel to get there goods. I think its good people need to travel to pickup there goods because then there will be more options for the pvp player. You can become under attack on your way home. This also will stimulate people to travel together to prevent losses of there goods.

    Then is it possible to get all people that are online will be showed in the chat window with there name. By clicking on there name you will get information about this player or his tribe.

    Xsion is in my experience a game with lot of mousclicks. I do know young people don't have a problem with that but i am older then most of the players and will get easly RSI. Is there a way to reduce the amound of clicks that is need it and still lot of thinks to do for the player. I am thinking about selecting several goods at once that are in the bins. Maybe some limeted automated sorting of goods.

    this where all my question. thanks

    gr snakepit

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    When are tools and crafting ever going to get the kind of time and work from the devs it needs? It has allways seemed to get pushed to the side with only small improvements and most if not all are A not working yet or B dident work for a very long time.The whole crafting system and stats for crafting needs balanced.As I feared the game was patched with the tool fix with out proper testing and balance.It is way to easy right now and will ruin any kind of trading left in the game.while im a very high end crafter i shouldent be able to craft master bone sets with a skill of 69 or supreme.Yet I can.

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    Chat box:
    As it is now, the chat box is way to huge on lower(ish) resolutions.
    When will we be able to resize it?
    Will there be options for the font-size and colour?
    Will the dark background be scaleable (opacity)?
    Will Local chat show craft and similar messages and whispers?

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    Whatever, happened to basket decay etc, a lot of people rushed to build roofs etc because they would offer protection so when will we see this and why was it not added at that time?

    What are your plans for dirt aesthetically? Like dirt walls built by players they look dull and boring we need something other than brown road players put a lot of work into their areas and this takes away from its appearance.
    How about giving us a grass tile or something or you already got plans for this?

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    How is the scavenging system working in regards to cloth fabrics and scraps? In specific, are colors and cloth types based on the junkpile you scavenge on, are they based on the player character? Will two different chars on average always find the same cloth type and colors, are some cloth types or colors based on skill?

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