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    Another Newbie in Xyson

    Hello everyone, I am James, no ingame name yet since im still patching, but I plan on it being Fergie if its not taken....its a game handle I have used for years, even if Blackeye Peas messed it up for me!

    Im 27, been a gamer since Super Mario Brothers and Duckhunt combo cartridge! Serious gammer since C&C 1 and EQ1

    Found the game on some obscure search for good non fantasy MMOs and this came up in the top 10....never even knew of it before today but it looks like a mix of 3 games that I own and love

    Fallout - End of the world era, and in Nevada like most fallout games. great start

    EvE online - An MMO with a fully ran player economy and crafting system. SWEET! Put in 3+ years of EVE and love it still

    Minecraft - Huge sandbox and ever changing world from players work! Most awesome thing ever!

    I have been playing MMOs since early EQ1, I enjoy MMOs that are complex and hard, make you think, and allow the player control of their actions and rewards. No Raildroading!

    Top MMOs that I have played is EQ1 and EvE Online and hoping Xsyon is going to join that list.

    Going to sleep now, DL should be done in the morning and ill see you all in game!

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    welcome! if you need any help getting started or have questions you can whsiper me in game - my name is One.

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    Greetings and welcome to Xsyon.
    Look forward to seeing you in-game!

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    Welcome Fergie,

    Xsyon is an amazing sandbox game. It's got a ways to go but for a small Indie Dev team, they do a bang-up job. If you need help or tips be sure to chat me up in game. Our tribe gives starter tools and baskets to new players to help them get up and running as fast as possilbe, and we can get one for you if you would like.

    Have fun and hope to meet you in game soon.

    P.S. If you are looking for a tribe - click on the Xsyon Mercenaries logo and check us out.

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    Welcome to the game. The archtechture has me hooked right now and allows me design a great keep. You'll like the flexability.

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    Welcome to the Game Fergie. I hope to see you in game. If you need help don't hesitate to ask, our community is small but very helpful.

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