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    Special Resources, Named Creatures

    Hereís my ideas for special resources or creatures that could spawn randomly in the Tahoe area. They would be announced like:

    The Old Forager/Scrapper shouts: I was [scavenging/foraging] up in [area] when I came across [node]. Iíd never found such fine stuff, but before I could gather anything, I was chased off by [bears, coyotes, zombies, rabid pine martins]. Iím too afraid to go back, but you are welcome to try.

    The Old Trapper/Pioneer shouts: I was up in [area] when I saw old [critter name]. Iíve never before seen such a large and fearsome [critter type]. Iím not the hunter I used to be, but if you are looking for a good fight you are welcome to try.

    The resources from these nodes, creatures would have a +5 to normal quality so that a high level scavenger/forager/hunter/logger/fisher would have a chance to get supreme quality goods. Nodes would last one game day, but could be depleted faster if gathered rather than scavenged. Special critters would wander around till killed. Critters would also have higher than the normal quantity of bones/leather/fur (but not head/legs/paws) including the full complement of bones from giant sized small critters (rat fur, round marmot bones).

    Special Resource Nodes:

    Military plane wreckage -- titanium sheets, plates, fasteners, handles, etc.

    Ď57 Cadillac -- chrome sheets, plates, fasteners, handles, etc.

    Posh Boutique ruins -- Cashmere/Satin/Silk/Velvet cloth, Mink/Sable/Chinchilla fur

    Red neck Boutique ruins -- Polyester/Spandex/Acrylic cloth, Faux Fur

    Hippy Boutique ruins -- Hemp/Grass/Denim cloth, rare ďherbsĒ

    Casino ruins -- gold and silver bits

    Architect's Office ruins -- blueprints

    Reeds -- high durability grass

    Oak trees -- high durability wood

    Special Critters:

    Harold -- marmot the size of a sheep

    Big Brown -- bear the size of a UPS van

    Bambi -- deer thatís grown up to really have issues with hunters

    Wile -- normal coyote, drops Acme credit card redeemable for any one item in game

    Salmon run -- near 100% chance to catch, available only in section of stream between waterfalls

    The idea is that these would bring characters together for some PvE and possibly some PvP.


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    Great ideas.

    I would like to change it instead of global it be said in /s instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrDDT View Post
    I would like to change it instead of global it be said in /s instead.
    That would be ideal, but I was thinking with the current population there would be times when a /s would not be heard. My intention was that these events wouldn't last long enough to make travel across the map worthwhile, but that they would be worth it to travel across a couple zones. Players that heard the initial shout would have the option use /y to call for more help (with the chance that someone else would get the reward.


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    Thumbs up from here! This would be uberkewl, we like dynamic events, oh yes we do. In fact anything that rimes with dynamic is awesome in my book. erm yea...

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