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    Stay logged in on IRC

    Link to IRC:

    I think it would help a lot if those that play would stay logged in to IRC, it would help a lot when potential gamers come on to check things out.

    IRC is one of the places people will check to ask questions about the game before they buy it and would show that even though the pop is low the game still has active players.

    If you know someone that plays and doesn't use the forums ask them if they will login to IRC.

    Would be great if tribe leaders asked their tribe members to be on IRC as well.

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    Quite a few people do jump into IRC from time to time.

    New players normally ask questions before they buy or after.

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    <--- This noob didn't know we had an IRC channel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asharad View Post
    <--- This noob didn't know we had an IRC channel
    spread the word!

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    2 of us on IRC atm come join us and keep it active!

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