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    Toolcrafter Offering Service in the East

    Hi, Rogen here, I am offering Toolcrafting services to people in the East. I am based in the Glendale/Zephyr area (821), but travel North, South and West of here regularly.

    If you are short of any particular tool give me a shout, I can produce most tools to High Quality, which is plenty for when you are starting out.

    I can also provide basic armour and weapons if needed.

    Still in need of plenty of things myself, so I am sure you have something to trade that I can make use of.

    Regards, Rogen

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    How much for HQ saw's?

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    Hi MrDDT,

    I'm short of Old Saw Blades at the moment. I'll give you a shout when I find a few more.

    Regards, Rogen

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    Sounds good. Thanks.

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