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    Please don't port carts with players

    We already port back with all of our items in our backpack pouches, adding the option to port you cart back too is going to kill this game imo.

    There needs to be some risk involved for being able to transport such a large amount of goods.

    I could easily go naked with an alt and never risk anything at all, if you kill me I'll just, "thanks for the free teleport back to my city!"

    With zombies coming based on the way they have been described to be able to loot players/bins and use our gear against us and roam into our cities - and then you throw in carts that don't port back with you we will see lot's of players returning to play this game imo. (also will create more interest from those that are considering purchasing the game)

    People need a reason to play and this game could get really good really fast with what I mentioned above.

    Please, I'm begging for no cart-porting!

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    Yes, can we also have full loot drops on death? So no more teleporting with full bins of rocks?

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    These are both a necessity. There is no argument for having them re spawn with you. Carts won't even be used for hauling goods, they will just be used to store 10 baskets worth of items or 10 stacks of items or 10 logs, and death port from place to place.

    Surely you have thought of this already Jordi? What is your reasoning for having this? I see none, and will debate for this until it makes me quit. Lol

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    + 1 from me.

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    I'm afraid I have to agree. Too much 'Death-porting' going on as it is.

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    Don't worry, there won't be any cart teleporting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon View Post
    Don't worry, there won't be any cart teleporting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon View Post
    Don't worry, there won't be any cart teleporting.
    Great to know. What about people death porting anything about that?

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    Great to hear, Jordi.

    Also, nice job with the latest update. We desperately needed the functions you added ( i know many of us may want to experiment with architecture, so this is great)

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