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    The Coliseum Event Round 4

    Greetings Survivors!

    I wanted to hold on with the Arena for this Sunday due to the recent server issues were resolved.
    And we couldn't be sure that the crash issues would of been resolved in time.
    I understand I have scheduled this Event for Tuesday mid day PST, but I will also schedule another event for this coming Sunday also.
    Sorry for the confusion if any.

    The Coliseum Event! Round 4!

    We will be creating the Coliseum Arena battle once more.
    We will be conducting the Event on the 11/08/2011 at 12pm PST.
    At the Guide Arena located in Zone 978 - Position: 884 / 659

    The event will be a PvP Arena battle.
    Players will duel it out 1v1 in a tournament style system until we have an overall Champion.

    No looting will be permitted during the event, and a large Prize will be given for the overall Champion and 2nd place.

    Bring your best gear to the battle, and let the slaughter begin!

    Good Luck.

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    Who won? Screenshots or video?

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    It was pure knock-out and Andrew won the last fight against Luthais. The price was Cloth Braided Rope, I believe.

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