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    The incremental leveling is annoying!!

    You know when you are crafting and every time you level up it un-highlights the recipe and you need to select it again. Now, this was bearable before but now you level up with every .1 increment it's starting to annoy me! Any way to fix this? Is it only me or do you find this annoying too?

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    Yes, yes. Absolutely annoying. And it still isn't a bug, but we would like to have it changed so it doesn't annoy people.

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    It really is annoying as hell... but then again when you look at it the devs have knack for leaving things that are annoying and/or tedious alone.

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    Please use the link:

    and click on reproducable !! - that way it will be pushed up (as many people can reproduce this defect) - and it is a defect - as the expected behavior would be that the list neither looses focus, nor changes the selected item in that list!

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    It's not a defect and it's not a bug. But it's something we would indeed like to have changed. Therefore the Tweaks and Suggestions forum would be suitable for that.

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    thanx for the replies

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    Also having to right click every tool and material is really getting annoying as well. At first I thought it was neat, now im just starting to hate it.

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    Agreed... That would make my day a whole lot better!! >

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    This is new to me. Can see how it would get annoying in the long run. I do like the more steady stream of positive feedback, so curious if it might be cool to keep that part but get rid of the recipe loss?

    Question: Not suggesting anyone is using a macro and not entirely sure I would care but... it's come up in the past and may in the future so just curious, is the recipe loss thing an anti-macro thing? If it's not a bug but a chosen event, I'm just trying to figure out why they wanted it like that in the first place.

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