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    Best news I've heard in a long time!

    We will shortly be starting our first round of advertising once our next Content patch has been released and is stable.
    This game has come such a long way and with the upcoming addition of carts, zombies and containers that carry water it will almost be like a brand new game at least for me.

    Great job to the dev team!

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    I agree. It will be nice to have some new neighbors, and may the return of some old ones.

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    The devs have definately worked hard,and seeing the mass improvement over the last month or so, I'd be hard pressed to find a reason NOT to advertise. An influx of revenue and new players should make the devs smile at least a little. Keep up the hard work!

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    Yep, I think once the Zombies/Mutants/Cart patch is in, and working a little ads and this game will explode. Getting the devs hard work what they need to keep making the dream game for them and us. I'm so excited.

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