WARNING: I will add a TLR of my objectives, but for now. This is the full deal.

I am Tugak. Also known as the legendary Curse of the Raven's Fury. One who has slaughtered countless people, either helplessly or after I was aggressed.

Onto my original goal.

I am looking for a dedicated, group of individual who are willing to come along on an adventure to set up our own, new tribe. Situated far, but not too far from the other big civilized tribes.

My main goal at first, is to be able to fend ourselves from the immediate threat of zombies raiding our tribelands.

What I envision:

A place where your character within Xsyon can grow, and contribute to the Tribe's immediate needs, as well as your own personal agenda. There may be times, especially after we claim our tribelands where IMMEDIATE goals will need to be set just to ensure that we have the basics down before Zombies do launch and steal our stuff.

Thieving from bins (to an aggressive amount) set to help a player missing a tool here or there, will be allowed. It will result in immediate removal from the tribe.

Emptying them for your own personal gain, will NOT be tolerated.

About myself: I'm no stranger to MMOs. I've played the latest ones such as Darkfall, Mortal Online, with relative success. Some of my most successful endeavors is being a FC in EVE online; calculating war strategics against major alliances, in which we have mostly come across the victor.

What I'm looking for is a group of individuals dedicated to doing what they want to do, and not forced to be doing terrforming for 10 hours straight just to fix something up.

Before the zombies attack, my goal is to have our tribe situated in a area with ample, ample amounts of woodland to chop down and stockpile for future use. With a granite/limestone/sand supply just right next door to use for the easier construction of walls and roofing.

Playing Xsyon reminds me of Fallen Earth in so many regards on different facets, that it's nostalgic playing Xsyon and attempting to recreate some of the ideas of that game into our tribe.

For those who TLR.
1>) Overall, the goal is the successful development of our tribal area. You aren't required to participate unless you wish to.
2>) You WILL NOT BE FORCED into just one role. If you want to be a weaponcrafter, by ALL means, please do! If you want to do solely architecture, then do solely just that! Just be open to constructive criticism from others, as this is an area that we will all have to have as our base of operations.

Expectations and future goals:

Immediately:-- Have homestead area complete enclosed so that zombies can not get inside, and loot our valubles.

To have surplus stores of equipment handy to combat the upcoming zombie invasions.

The most important thing, is play Xsyon as you WANT to play Xsyon. The tribe will feel, thrive, and grow off the individual traits that everyone brings into the tribe

In following suit with the immediate tribal needs, there may be some essential items required to ensure our safety from the impending zombie invasion.

Most notably, is to have a complete, enclosed, fortified area.

After that, for each tribe-member to have a space called their own, that no one else can access except for possible inspections to determine if someone is abusing the materials gathered by others to use for their own personal gain.

Forgive me if the post is hard to follow at times.

The current, immediate specialties that we would require are: toolcrafting, masonry, architecture, weaponcrafting, and leathercrafting.

Since this is in the early stages of development; I do not have a website currently set-up, or a ventrilo. The interest in this needs to be measured and observed to see there is any real interest to forming a more lenient tribe.

Another TLR.
- The success of the tribe is measured in how willing the members are to co-operate with each other, and provide the needed services.

Please, contact me ingame: My character's name is Tugak.