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    Applauding Dev's Efforts

    Out of any developers that have come afoot lately, and with myself just jumping aboard Xsyon within the past week, I have to say that the communication between development status to players is phenominal.

    Knowing what is being worked on, and the community's actual input about current/future interactions within Xsyon is what really stands out.

    Please, do keep up the communication!

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    Honestly, the developers' efforts to keep the players happy is the only thing that's kept me around. In the last few months there have been MANY improvements and the biggest ones are just around the corner, so I might actually start playing this game again! I would not have known about these recent or future improvements if it weren't for the efforts of the dev team to keep us all up to date.

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    One of the biggest things I like about the dev team is they do listen to what feedback players have.

    However, I think they need to listen less and focus more on their objectives.

    Keeping the players updated has been great. Can't wait for the next few big patches.

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    I honestly think that the one and only thing keeping me around is the continuous hype surrounding things like Zombies.

    We have zombie armor ingame, and getting to actually see it is quite awesome.

    I can't wait to get to bash/stab/slice/chop/gouge/slap/punch/kick/insert another attack term here onto zombies.

    Can we pretty please get a post for heads, Vlad the Impaler style?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scing View Post

    Can we pretty please get a post for heads, Vlad the Impaler style?
    I've requested this a couple times since I've been around. Since human bones are in game, it makes sense that we should be able to harvest bones/heads off people (and zombies) we kill and use them in crafting. Zombie heads could just be called "Zombie Head" but player heads could be named "<name>'s Head". Imagine things like a evil RP tribe putting trophie kills on display :P

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