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    Trading for: New architecture recipes

    Although my playing time is very limited per week, I still would be willing to make it out to your location and barter for NEW architecture recipes. I am a master bonecrafter, master tailor, moderate skilled in Toolcraft, Moderate skilled in basketweaving, moderate skilled in leathercraft. I have lots of raw materials (screws, nails, bolts, rivets, saw blades, knife blades, Metal Decorations, Belt Buckles, Rubber grip, rubber scrap etc. you get the picture) I could trade you for your recipe if the price is reasonable! Please send me a forum Private Message with what recipe you possess, and your tribal location, and I will try to meet up with you as soon as I can. Thanks for your time in reading this thread and good luck!

    -Rambo Z:941

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    I would advise against setting up a tribe quest, someone can take your quest and never complete it and you can't get you item back until they do, it's an incomplete feature atm.

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    thanks keith, didn't know about that, I changed my posting and deleted the tribal totem quest part

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