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    Greetings im thinking of buying sucks that there is no trial but thats not the problemxD

    Is it planned to add a option for paying with paysafecards later?
    I dont have a credit card and i dont want one...about paypal i tryed it a lot of times but its ridiculous and it makes me mad.
    There is a lot of time to wait for the pin or what its called they send you and such stupid things like if you want to buy something you cant because there are not details about your abank account added(but it is) or that you havent confirmed your account yet(but again it is)so buying a paysafecard is very easy and you dont need to give any personal details away or you have to wait long.Even if there is a trial available soon i cant continue playing it after it ends without paysafecards.

    Btw the game looks a lot amerindian/native american(i translated it with the internet)like and readed that its playing in the future and its going to change with science so will there more modern things added later like primitive guns or something like that?

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    i would also wana play if it had paysafecard
    and i'm quite sure more ppl would request it later on

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