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    Questions of Week 11/14 through 11/27

    Please Post your Question to the Developers Below...

    Thank you.

    Note: Because of the issues with my daughter in hospital, I shall carry this forward to this coming Sunday which is the 11/27/11.
    And the next weeks set of Questions will carry on as normal from Monday the 28th.

    Thank you.

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    How's Mutants and Revenants (each of them) coming along?
    How is Archery/Marksmanship coming along?
    How is Carts coming along?

    If you got an ETA that would be cool too

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    1. Will we ever be able to terraform over granite like we can with limestone? It would open up so many areas for players to put their totems down knowing that the granite will not block them from building up their areas.

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    Any plans to sign Xsyon Launcher.exe?

    Will we ever see clothes/armor in the extra slots (those on the left of the paper doll)?


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    Is it possible to code a feature that allows us to remove snow?

    Why are Large Metal Sheets so difficult to obtain? We used to be able to sort them a while back.

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    When in the development stage is cooking going in?

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    in 1 months time, How many hours have you put into developing the game?

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    What software do you use for 3D modelling, and do you need any volunteers to help develop 3D models?

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    1. I second the question on Archery and missile combat. What time scale are we looking at please?

    PS Hope your daughter gets better.

    Raguel Edit: Have not posted this question as you will get the same answer from the previous question posted above.

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