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    Xsyon Active? :)


    me and my friend are thinking about to join Xsyon. We played before Dawntide/Minecraft but Xsyon seems fine too.

    How active is the Community here now?
    And we are maybe able to Build up somethink with us 2 or we need an Guild to grow up?

    What is the "main core" of the Game? Build Up and Defence vs. monsters or more PVP based?


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    I started playing a few weeks ago, and there seem to be more people joining, or re-joining every day.

    Very much enjoying the game, crafting and building are very well developed and interesting. Monsters are coming soon, but currently it is just animals and big game; Bears and the like to hunt and skin for parts. Bears don't sound interesting if you compare it to other games, but Bears here have a dozen parts that are usable in different ways, so hunting and crafting go well together. The crafts are well integrated and inter-dependant, so you need access to other types of crafters, especially in the beginning, but there are lots of helpful people about to get you started.

    You don't need a Guild to build. I have setup a solo tribe, and although I haven't chosen to build yet, I could if I wanted to, so two people would do fine - but it would make sense for them to take complementary starting professions. There are also some bigger tribes that are welcoming new players.

    I haven't done any PvP, not really my style, but I have seen some Arena Combat events organised by the game guides.

    I'm sure someone more versed in the game will post about combat.

    If you prefer sandbox games, this should very much be up your street.

    Regards, Rogen

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    What is about the payment? I heard its actually Free 2 Play? Or only for PreOrder pep. because then I don't want to buy it.
    I want to play for Free same as the rest of the Community while the game is in big dev. state.

    If the Game gone fine I want to pay ofc. but at this dev. state (what I heard) I don't think that I want to pay =/

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    The game is,

    You buy the game, and get 1 month free, then its 15 bucks a month

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxhardcore View Post
    I pre-ordered the game and never paid one monthly subscription and can still play for free.
    You could contact support yourself and ask for them to remedy the situation for you.
    But then you'd have to either start paying or drop out and leave the game.. tough choice eh .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fahln View Post
    lol @ random "dev" now replying to topics. Its funny how there used to be just a gang of moderators and community people, and now all we get is Mr. Darkfire.

    Actually, back when DDT first pointed this out a few months ago, someone acknowledged the issue. Not a peep about it since then. Even DDT has forgot about it.

    Not sure if you missed it but Xsyon responded to it, saying "Everyone will get free time, and those that have been charged will get more free time" or something to that effect. So I figured it will be handled then.

    I believe that day is coming very soon (few weeks) when mutants and other things are finished and they will start doing ads.

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    Uhm... you post here because you can't post in the subscriber forums, but I'm supposed to believe you can play the game for free?

    Yup. Keep on keepin' on.

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    Anyway, back to the OP. We'd love to see in-game Ehnoah, those of us who are playing seem to be enjoying it, so it all depends on whether it is your style of game or not.

    I cancelled my Eve subscription to pay for this, and have been quite happy, but that is just how I rolled it. It reminds me of the first year playing Vanguard, great game, lots of promise, but still a work in progress in some areas, and I don't mind that at all; so for me it is just a case of where do I want my monthly sub to go this month.


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    Quit feeding the trolls.

    The game is doing great and yes it's very active and getting more and more players. I think 8 villagers of my tribe Xylia all came from wurm and I've been trying to get others to come over and I've been making a few forum threads to get them to try it out. The concept is by far the best of anything I have found and I'm coming from a sandbox MMO called wurm which doesn't hold a candle to Xsyon.

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    There are a few things he pointed out that are some key points of why the game is active and others that I assume he's upset over. There are mutants and zombies coming in soon which should add a lot of flavor to the pve, pvp is just a matter or getting more players.

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