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    Tribe Architecture Event Winners!

    Greetings Survivors!

    As you know, this is the first time we have done an event of this nature.
    When we planned this event, we wasn't sure on how many of you would show an interest in taking part.
    We were pleasantly surprised by the response we had. 14 Tribes in total got back to us and asked to be a part of this Event.

    When the Event came to a close on Sunday, and myself and GuideMihr toured each tribes location, we were both very excited about what we were seeing.
    Every tribes skills as Builders were phenomenal, we saw buildings that were extremely detailed, we saw tribal organisation skills, which led some tribes to house a specific room for each and every item currently in-game.
    We saw Tribe layouts and designs that made us both want to set-up camp inside your tribe area, and sing songs around your camp-fires.

    Once we had toured every Tribe, we then chatted about who we thought really stood out from the crowd.
    And in all honesty every Tribe did in one way or another. We couldn't at that point decide who the winner would be.

    We wrestled with the idea of having categories of Tribe sizes, such as Single Member homesteads. 1-5 member homesteads, to 5+ etc.
    This is something we will do next time.

    Ultimately we came to the decision that on this occasion the winner should be, Everyone!

    What this means, is everyone will get a Prize for taking part, and that prize will be the same for every Tribe that took part.

    This will be given to the Tribe leader of each Tribe. (Details of how to claim said prize will be below).

    This is not how it will be done next time.
    We now have a good basis on which to compare the skills of future builders.
    And we have a good idea that once we do this event once more, we will have the same response if not better than this one, and be able to categorise each Tribe that enters and have a winner from each category.

    Since this is an Architecture Event, it seems only fitting to to give away Architecture type prizes...
    So the prizes are as follows...

    10x Sap
    10x Tar
    10x Plastic Bags
    10x Guts

    (for all your water storage needs)

    We will also give away...

    3x Architecture Recipes of your choice.
    3x 500 of any material that is required to create Architecture Project.
    (This does not include, Logs of any kind, metal sheet variations or wooden sheet variations)
    This could be something like 500x Nails or 500x Bolts or 500x bricks.

    To Claim your Prize, please PM me letting me know roughly your play times in PST. And I will make sure that I'm online to give you the prize or one of the other Guides is.

    Screen shots will be added shortly, and this is the reason I have closed the threads, so I can add the screen shots in separate post per Tribe.

    Thank you.
    And Well done to everyone.
    Wow... just wow!

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