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    Banden's list of tradeable items

    Hi there! I need a few things and Ihve got a long list of schemes that I dont need so if you happen to have any of these items and want to trade let me know.


    Tailoring Recipes: Ringmasters set ( I allready have Armbands, bracers and the Tophat)

    Old Saw Blades
    Master Quality Small Plates

    Tool recipes:

    Pioneers Planer
    Scrappers Lasher
    Bone Pins
    Scrappers Hammer

    Chrome Metal decoration, small Plates, Screws, Rivets, Zippers and belt buckles.

    Master Quality Leather straps and Twine.



    Aloha Elbow Bands

    Malka Bear Hat

    Dawgot Attack bracers
    Dawgot Baggy Gaiters
    Dawgot Coyote Belt

    Dagasli Elbow Pads
    Dagasli Belt

    castle Rock Gloves
    Castle Rock Vest
    Castle rock Necklace

    Minden Shoes

    Hoga Vest
    Hoga Greaves

    Lo-om Shirt
    Lo-Om Elbow Bands
    Lo-om Knee pads

    Squaw Shin Guards

    Tahoe Iron Strap Boots
    Tahoe Bandana

    Suina Thigh Pads x2
    Suina belt

    Magoyota Bracers
    Magoyota Greaves

    Homewood Scarf

    Angora Knee Pads

    Glendale Vest
    Glendale Shoulder guards
    Glendale Knee pads
    Glendale Shoes

    Spooner Elbow Pads
    Spooner Bandana

    Celcel Shoulder Pads

    Lakeridge Arm Bands

    Genoa Gloves
    Genoa Elbow Bands

    Edgewood shirt

    Jacks Elbow Guard


    scrapper sheet tent x2
    Banaya Log Wall


    Rubicon Hiking Boots x2
    Rubicon Gloves
    Rubicon Elbow Pads
    Rubicon spaudlders

    Truckee Shoulder Pads


    Tulipi Spike Club (great for lvling weaponcrafing)
    Nine Iron Club


    Trappers Bucket x2
    Trappers Saw
    Trappers Lasher
    Trappers wrench
    Trappers Punch
    Trappers Chalk
    Trappers Weaver

    Foragers Paddle
    Foragers Mallet
    Foragers seam Roll

    Scrappers Wrench

    Pioneers Saw

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    Hi Banden,

    What zone are you in?

    I have lots of things on your needs list, and need some of the things on your haves, so there is plenty of room for trade. Just depends on how far you are; I am in 821, and usually travel 3-4 zones from there regularly.


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    Hello Rogen!

    You are infact very close by. Im at zone 742 947:808.

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    Excellent, I'll give you a shout in game

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    Disregard this post, just noticed the date of last post.

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