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    Re-Wipe the servers

    Let's face it, those of us whos been here well over a year, have everything we need, No matter wat devs do survival wont be their. SO when carts-cooking-tree planting-and mutants and new lands added to the game.

    WIPE THE SERVER. Make every1 start from scratch. This will bring back survival,better planing. definitly get trading going, and since scav is not super easy anymore, this will make xsyon that fun game we all like. Anyhow. i want a server wipe. type /sign if ya agree.


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    Pass the popcorn please.

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    I think a wipe would be good, but not the only way.

    I wouldnt mind a wipe but only if and when skill decay is in and working. Stat gains are better. Also better tools to terraform. Until then I see no reason to wipe the servers.

    Resources are not really so much of a matter, as they will be used up with many more people in the world. We have around 50 to 100 people logged on everyday. Having 1000 people on the server everyday will use those resources very very very fast.

    I do see a problem with the everyone can do everything. Wipe wouldn't be bad, but other ways. Like heavy skill decay for people with well over cap. Change how stats are gained (not through exp but just through use which is how I think its working now).

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    I really don't see the point. It didn't take long to get near 100 scavenging and within a few weeks time people will be back where they were at. There is plenty of map left that has not been opened for new unexplored lands also with time those with the skills will eventually lose them with soft caps and such. I think you would upset those who put a lot of time and effort in to their characters along with tribal lands. It's sort of counter-productive with such a small player base at the moment and isn't really required as it doesn't bring anything to the game as the map will be the same. Survival is coming with mutants and zombies and the discussion would be better left for when that has been added and things start picking up, I still can't imagine a point where a map/skill reset would be required.

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    we just need totem decay and skill decay


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    A character wipe, maybe I could tolerate. BUT, a terrain wipe would be devastaing. The only thing that has kept me going is building my resource stock and inventory in preparation for harder times and improved economy in the future. The thought of all that time and effort invested for nothing is depressing.

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    Just want to point out for people who might suffer mad anxiety at the thought of this that a dev has already said in game chat that a server wipe is not actually on the table

    Aside from that, goin back to my hot chocolate and crafting... carry on folks.

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