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    Peace Xsyon

    Clear and blatant game interference and favoritism by devs will not be tolerated. Especially in a sandbox game.

    Devs sharing information with a 3rd party, while not illegal, is certainly unwanted by the majority. Do you really have to think about why people don't like this?

    In a game that claims to be mostly about self discovery (as well as players teaching players, not devs teaching players), this just doesn't make any sense. Why don't you just make a comprehensive guide for us all and ruin the experience of discovery? Discovery effects game play as well. If I know more things than you do, I likely have an advantage over you. If I know an extremely strategic way to setup defenses and you do not, I have an advantage over you. Multiply this by 1000s of discovery possibilities and you see how it can impact game play.

    Then to have the audacity to say nothing is happening is just a slap in the face. Lying about influencing the game world, how unprofessional can you get? I guess that's why you call yourself Notorious Games. I understand you have the legal right to do whatever the hell you want, but just know that people will not play a game like that as long as they know it is happening.

    Hell, Xsyon is one of the best games out there, and I can still quit on a whim because the realization that the developers aren't serious about their product means I don't want to waste my time on it. I already have wasted a lot. If I knew this was happening when I started playing, you wouldn't have got 100s of dollars from my subs. I wouldn't have wasted my time.

    It hurt your cause far more to lie than it would have to tell the truth. If you advertise for this game, I will give warning where warning is due. A simple warning that in the past, developers have shared information with a 3rd party in game because they have the ability to read all chats, as well as shared non common game information that influences game play with certain parties but not the other (and if you were to spread it to everyone, then you might as well just ruin the fun of discovery, like I said). Proceed at your own risk.

    And to think I was contemplating investing in NG (if they want investors anyway) sometime in 2012 (whenever population started picking up dramatically). Not because it would make good profit (or hell even break even), but because I wanted to support the game. No more. I'll take my the potential investment to Embers of Caerus instead once they are further down the line. That game is going to be VERY similar to a Skyrim MMO, but will also have the sandbox features of player territories and custom player built cities. It's showing real promise. The only concern I have is someone might beat them to it... but so far there is nothing on the horizon. Unless DF2.0 somehow has custom player cities (not dev built as it is now). Unlikely with what is going on in Greece though. I don't think we will see DF2.0.

    One last thing, I just want to be fair here and apologize to the guides who don't have any part in this (except maybe spawning animals for people, that's not cool).

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    Good luck in the new game Bye!!

    And by the way, I think the original thread on this whole topic was locked for a reason At least have some small amount of respect and stop reopening threads on it. All I consider that is trolling.

    Could this topic be locked again please? Thank you.

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    Sorry to see you go and I hope your future endeavors are pleasurable ones.

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    This situation was taken very seriously and thoroughly reviewed.

    Accusations were made against a developer without evidence and in conflict with our logs, including actions that can't possibly be performed.

    Information on how to use game actions was shared by a developer with player. This was not secret or private information or anything that I deem as giving an advantage. It was the type of information that can be shared openly here and should be in the game manual as well. Our Guides and developers are free to assist players with information like this on how to perform game actions.

    Accusations were also made that a developer shared private chat with other players. This should not happen and there is no evidence that it did happen, only that developers made it know that we have access to private chat logs, which is true. This is a necessary precaution.

    NorCalGooey, I am sorry you feel that developers used their powers to cause an imbalance in the game, but after reviewing these situations in depth I see only a case of acceptable customer support.

    All players should report concerns to our abuse and support emails, with evidence to support their claims if available. We do take our time to fully review these situations and it is better to address these concerns directly and not via the forums.


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    Just to point out...logs dont capture 3rd party VOIP. I've always been treated with respect and kindness by Devs and guides alike. I'm not familiar with what happened, but hope Audacius will reconsider.

    Good luck
    Deacon (P.I. Combat Engineer)

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