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Thread: Hi everyone :)

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    Cool Hi everyone :)


    I'm currently installing the game and looking forward to give Xsyon a try. I've played online games since BBS and MU* were the only thing around, and I've played or tried many MMOs since then. Nowadays I'm more a casual player, since I've got more RL responsibilities.

    Xsyon seems to be alittle hardcore, but hope I can have fun playing it casually aswell. I'll probably be focusing more on crafting than combat, and I'm on the lookout for a friendly tribe that don't mind answering newbie questions

    Seeya soon in-game! If anyone have any quick starter tips right away, I'll be very happy to hear them. Thanks!

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    Welcome to Xsyon, Makazi. Hope you will enjoy your adventure in this post-apocalyptic world.

    I know of a few tribes that fits your description so that shouldn't be hard to find for you.

    Few tips hmm ... play game in windowed mode, always keep you resource bar open, don't be afraid to ask questions on global chat.
    Good luck.

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    Welcome to our tribe - never hesitate to ask for help or resources

    Have fun!

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    Greetings and welcome to Xsyon.
    Hope to see you in and around the world very soon.

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    Thanks for the welcome I've found and joined Pawnee tribe, starting to get a hang of things and working on my skills

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