1. No picture for "Medium wood handle"

2. No info for item?(looked like a metal thumbtack/roofing nail with a rivet)

3. Kicked off about 4 PM and came back with no shirt, bra only, confirmed visual, lol :blush:

4. Female characters are still showing in their inventory diff clothes than they picked to start with.-every character that I have made. The character made and what is picked are same, just inventory shows diff.

5. Something with swimming changed. Before when I treaded water/dog paddle I regained energy. Now it regains for about 3 notches and then starts to decrease again. Makes it really hard to get back to shore.

6. Fought 2 diff people , they started, no challenge. They lost health and I lost very little. I'm not a PVP'er but this was not balanced.

7. At times, Still noticing gap between female shirt and pants. Looks like character was made in two parts and put together.

8. Waterfall near "South" not flowing. The one above is, there is spray at landing, but waterfall frozen.