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    why was I banned from IRC?

    I just attempted to join the IRC channel and recieved a perm ban?

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    Could it have been an automatic ban based on the user name AIMbot?

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    Unfortunately, Xsyon staff or representatives of Xsyon, do not have any power over the IRC channel.
    It is likely you were banned automatically.
    And even more likely that you were banned for a name that was suspect to the auto banner.

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    He banned a long time ago for life, and trying to log back in under a new name. He was re-banned for ban evading for life. I'm not sure what he was banned for at first. This isnt something that the channel admins did, its a server thing on IRC. If you break server rules you get banned for life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mutantninja View Post
    This is not how IRC works. You might want to do a little research before you blab about things you have no idea about. It is totally a channel admin thing and not a server thing. You cannot get banned from the server for "ban evasion," that's just ridiculous. I have no idea about the incident in question but you making things up doesn't help the matter, I'm sure.

    edit: Also, if Xsyon has no control over the IRC or is not represented by anyone officially in the IRC channel, why do you have a massive link to Xsyon IRC at the top of your website?

    I did, I have all the IRC logs I've ever been in. I simply looked up the their IP (the one IRC uses) in my search. Saw they were banned, a few times. Ryan (Darkmyst Admin NOT Xsyon admin) perma banned them for trying to dodge Xsyon admin bans.

    Not sure if you know what is going on, if you just trying to troll or what but I did my homework. I'm also on IRC everyday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fahln View Post

    Our Link to the IRC is hosted by an External company called Darkmyst, And is used as a public means of communication as stated in our Forum ToS...

    18.) IRC

    Notorious Games reserves the right to monitor use of the IRC service but has no obligation to do so. Notorious Games cannot assure that others will abide by the terms of use or not engage in inappropriate or harmful conduct. You assume all risk of injury from other users’ conduct.

    You acknowledge that the IRC service is for public rather than private communications. Any comments or other submissions you make may be viewed by others and you have no reasonable expectation of privacy.

    Notorious Games cannot guarantee the security of any information you disclose or submit. You participate at your own risk.
    If you are ever banned from the IRC and you are genuinely confused as to why, then you are best to contact the Host DarkMyst to seek an answer.
    Notorious Games members would always give you a reason as to why you were banned from IRC, and you would be given this in the IRC chat application window.

    Also to add to this...

    It is totally a channel admin thing and not a server thing. You cannot get banned from the server for "ban evasion," that's just ridiculous.
    This is somewhat true...
    Each Channel may or may not have a channel admin.
    As for us, we do not have an Admin of Notorious Games logged into the IRC 100% of the time (although we would like to).
    As a standard with most IRC, it comes with an Admin from the Host Company (DarkMyst), this could be in the form of a real Admin, or a bot.
    Also to add, that although you would not be banned by a bot or DarkMyst Admin for Ban Evasion, you may of origanally been IP Banned. Which would mean that no matter what Name you picked you would be banned from the channel if you tried to join using the same IP you were banned on.

    Hope that helps.

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