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    Questions of Week 11/28 through 12/4

    Please post your questions to the Developers below...

    Thank you.

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    Will we ever get the ability to make small logs from large ones....leather scraps from leather....fur scraps from fur....

    Are we gonna be able to move projects without losing action on them soon. It's intense to move anything very far right, select move...move one increment, lose action...repeat until project at desired location. Sometimes I do get a couple increments of move, but not often.
    This is a bug that is driving me crazy. I can not reproduce this at all, on any of my computers. Neither can the other programmers. I've seen videos of this and can't for the life of me figure out what people are doing that is causing this while moving projects works absolutely fine for me. As I see this reported again and again I will sit down with our public testers once some critical tasks are done and try to figure out what is happening here once and for all.
    had any luck on this issue? I cant fugure out why you cant reproduce it, i have trouble Not reproducing it. Maybe try a non-guide/dev account...on a nonserver machine. I know guides and devs have game and system power we dont, maybe that is why you cant reproduce it.

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    will we be able to plant or regrow grass?

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    1. When can we expect all these abandoned 1 man totems to be removed?

    It currently is limiting paying customers from expanding their tribal areas, and with new lands being opened I really have a hard time understanding why you believe that a player that spent NO mony to try the game and placed a totem then left, never to return .. will one day come back. Shouldn't they have to buy a sub first before being allow to have a spot of land?

    2. When will we see zombies in game?

    Before carts like it was mentioned? or is there some major thing holding them up?

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    When will these large tribes hogging up all the land be put to normal size because they have 1/2 or more of their members inactive?

    Right now, active tribes cant use this spot that large tribes with 159m radius's or more taking up the land when really they should only have about 50m radius's. I would love to see a warning go out to all players saying that totem decay is coming. Give people a chance to keep their radius and stuff.

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    Can you explain in a little more detail how the mutant thing works? Love the way they look by the way =)

    How's Archery coming?

    Because you just gave us mutants, are you working on a fix for animal distribution? Seems like people still report seeing hardly any animals anywhere.

    Also, because we just got mutants, does that mean zombies are right around the corner? How will they work?

    edit- Have you thought about a mechanic that lets us create our own junk piles? Obviously this would need to be difficult

    edit- Seems like we're close to terrain expansion How much longer until the new terrain is opened up?

    edit- What's that other recipe in firebuilding?

    edit- On that note, do you have any plans to give us torches or some form of mobile light?

    edit- Have you seen the recently blown up threads on totem decay? What's your opinion on the discussions?

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    What are the stats for Forestry and Resources?

    Can we have a new manual to reflect these stats?

    Will we see a return of the rare cloth colors (orange, brown, cerulean)?

    How soon till fires require firewood?


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