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    New issue today .. freezing

    Playing along and game just locks up. cant even shut it down normally have to use taskmanager

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    This has been reported and we are aware of it.
    We should have a fix for it very soon.

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    I am sure that as soon as you work the kinks out of your new network code things will settle down

    Loving the tree planting so far Well done on this latest patch

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    yep yep i can confirm the freezeing. occurred to me too

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    if it helps I think it happens while you are moving, I would assume its the zone crossing

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    As tomyrz is saying, I've only noticed it when running... and now that he mentions it, I think it's when I crossed zones as well, but not every time at all. Holler if you need any testing like the last time zone crossing was an issue.

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    Been doing the same for me. Why do I always end up living on the edge of a zone?

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    was it raining motlee

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    Started raining as I was reading this so ran to the edge of a zone to test... crashed.

    Will check it again without rain to see if there's a difference.

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    For me, it happens 'just standing there'. It locks up the computer so hard that I can't recover and must power-cycle. Happened just a few minutes ago.

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