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    I love the new gauges and option. Thanks for the quick fix/change, and listening to what people wanted.

    The fix to freezing is great too. Love this patch. I know you guys have been working crazy hard this weekend to get all the bugs worked out. Thanks so much for all the hard work. Very happy with this patch.

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    You are so forgiven, the new gauges are so much better. Still love you Xsyon. <3

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    Can't sum it up any better to be honest! Great work Notorious Team!

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    Very nicely done. Thanks.

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    Yes, yes. Very good job. Thanks to the team for that ... you've been working hard.

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    The guages update was those 'cartoon' looking icons ?

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    Sorry I have only just got around to saying this, but yes, thank you for listening to feedback and fixing the guages so promptly

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    agreed the new guages look much better and are way more functional.

    Deacon...the icons look great and arn't "too" cartoony, they fit the rest of the new UI.

    but i would love it if the chatbox background was changed from green to would make the txt contrast less of a strain to read

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