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    Event: 12/04/2011 - The Great Stamina Race!

    The winner of 'The Great Stamina Race!'

    Was MrDDT!

    The standings were...

    1st Place- MrDDT
    2nd Place- Koal
    3rd place- Loki


    Greetings Survivors!

    We will be conducting an event that is friendly enough for everyone to join, but serious enough for those competitive players among you.

    Starting this Sunday at 12pm PST, we gather at the below Location and begin the Event.

    Players will be required to Carry items passed to them from the Guide Team, and transport the items to the next check point in order progress further.
    Once the Final Check Point has been reached its all guns blazing for the finish line, and the reward!

    A few Rules

    • PvP once the Event has officially started, and the race has begun is allowed.
    • Once you get to Any Check point and the finish line, you must not conduct any PvP activities.
    • You are only permitted to take part as an individual, and on this particular Event, we are saying no to Teams.
    • We will give you items crafted by us as we expect these items back, in order for you to receive your next item to take to the following Check point!

    Any disregard for the above rules, will result in 1 step forward 2 Steps back to the start line.
    Effectively - Go directly to Jail do not pass Go, do not collect $200

    Start Time - 12pm PST
    Date - 11/04/2011
    Start Location - Zone 978 - Position:946/708
    Check Point Locations - Given in Global Chat in-game.
    Finish Line - Given in Global Chat in-game.

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    I think you mean 12/4/11. 11/4/11 was November. 12/4/11 is this Sunday.

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    So, to make some things clear. Is looting allowed? How will you prevent or even notice players work as team when some of us sits on voice-communication together?

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    Quote Originally Posted by severin View Post
    So, to make some things clear. Is looting allowed? How will you prevent or even notice players work as team when some of us sits on voice-communication together?

    Looting is allowed, however we don't see this as a big issue. The world is quite vast, which will enable players to travel to each check point using different routes.
    However we feel the need to add a little risk to the Event.

    We can never really know that players will 100% follow the rules.
    We have a lot of trust in our players and hope that you all do follow the rules.
    What was simply meant by 'No Teams' was simply we would like you to play this Event as an individual in-game, and not have any extra help from other players.

    This Event was simply to try and get existing established players, and also new players involved in an Event, where everyone feels they are in for a chance of winning.

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    Thanks guides for the event. I had a great time. That is what we call power running huh? Some heavy stuff.

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    Great spirit out there today everyone. Glad to compete with you in our second non-pvp event. As more popularity transpires I hope to see more of you out there!

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    Who won ?!? Could you post a sum up of the event ?

    I had no time to participate - but i am interested in the results anyhow!

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    Everyone that took part in it won.

    MrDDT took first, Koal took second, Loki third.

    Started off in the north. They gave us some heavy stuff, we had to fight/run/swim our way to the SW. Then gave us MORE heavy stuff, we had to work our way to the East.

    I had to kill a bear, fend off a player, cut down some trees, run, swim, climb mountains and jump off cliffs and a LOT of resting. It was long and tiring but I stood on that mountain top victorious.

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    And yes, other players can beat DDT. If I hadn't made a foul step off a cliff near the lake I would have been standing atop the mountain as DDT's tears discolored the granite below me. *Flex*

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