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    Questions of Week 12/04 through 12/11

    Please post your Questions to the Developers below...

    Thank you.

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    1) With many features still missing, such as Archery, Revenants, Cooking, Animal Training to some extend still Agriculture, Carts and the likes do you, honestly, think it is a good idea to start re-advertising the game again? I'm just thinking of launch and how many that felt ripped off. The game has -really- improved, but for most of those that left I actually think the above titles if not the major reason then at least a very important reason for them to not continue with Xsyon.
    - I know most Lux'ers are waiting for Archery/Animal Training before they will bother with Xsyon
    2) My second concern is in the form of animals. If you readvertise again, even if it is just making people aware of your situation, then you -really- need a tracking system for animals or make them breed a lot more. It still seems to be a problem to find animals or mutants (and I live right next to the mist..)
    3) Except for design what other notable differences are there with the new launcher?
    4) Is it possible to increase the amount of time which creatures spend breeding to provide for a larger population of animals. There need to be roughly 100 per zone at all times if you want to satisfy the general population OR you need to make PvE mobs primarily Undead for now whereas animals and mutants are Gathering Mobs too which the population would be fine.
    5) Would a simple tracking system be possible soon?
    6) How long does trees grow before they are fully grown (real life days/weeks)

    1 and 2: I'm concerned as this is ultimately your last shot of proving your worth. If it fails I don't think you will get over the negative talks on the various MMO sites.

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    Any plans for making it so there is more stuff to PVE? Not the # of types but the amount?

    Right now seems like I can travel the whole map and I would be lucky to see 1 to 5 animals. (When I say whole map, I mean corner to corner)

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    Has there been an in-house stress test to confirm the current builds can handle the influx of new players brought on by advertising? If not, it would be wise to thoroughly stress test before this happens. We all know how first impressions stick with a game.

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    1. Will HP decay along with skills/stats?
    It is assumed it will work this way, but can you confirm?

    2. Will skill & tactics play more of a part in the future?
    For instance, if you keep hide at 100 and have camo bonus from armor, your shadow still gives you away. No point in the hide as a tactic.

    3. Will we ever see the ability to re-distribute point into different stats to re-define our characters build?
    Even if it "cost" something to do I am sure many would want to as they had no real idea what stats to choose, what effect they would have in actual usage, and they have been modified a bit along the way.

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    When do you plan to have the new, larger roof & floor tile items ready for archtecture? Q1? Q2?

    Do you/will you have designs for walls with windows or more options for doors (not gates)?

    Will you/have you consider(ed) making different wall items with a fireplace?

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    How many players do you want this game to support? 5k? 10? 200?

    With so many systems not working, is it your intent to keep things limited?

    I have been playing and paying a long time.. some play and don't pay each month. Would it not be more fair to all to stop charging current players and allow anyone with a game account to play for free until you get the game into a state you feel is ready for prime time?

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