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    We need your Help!!!

    Greetings survivors!

    I have been tasked with a very important job, and I require your help!

    We are about to release a new Press Release and issue this to as many Gaming dedicated websites out on the web as possible.

    But what we need help with is creating some really nice screenshots of you the players in action, in PvE.

    These are the types of things we need help with...

    PvE - this will be the players Versus Mutants, we don't want 1 on 1 fights, were looking for a small team of players to take on a bunch of these, while we take screenshots for the PR

    Architecture - We have some fantastic screenshots of your Tribes and Homesteads, but if you feel you have improved alot since out last Architecture contest, please let me know.
    We would also like to see you and your fellow Tribe members going about your normal Xsyon life within your Tribe area.

    If you would like to help me with creating some of the Screenshots please reply in this thread, and we can arrange to meet on the Test Server to help create them.
    We will aim to meet after this mornings Update and Maintenance, around roughly 10am PST or as close to this as possible.

    We will conduct this on the test server, so if anything goes wrong there is little to no risk for you.

    Thank you everyone.

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    If it doesn't get too late for me then I'll be more than happy to help out on the test server. Better dust off Mihr's pimp-coat.

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    hello eveyone!

    Thanks for your help in that screenshots meeting on test server.

    All of you who joined will get a free scheme from your choice.Ask Raguel or me ingame.

    Thank you !

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    wow, sorry I missed this...perhaps if it wasnt put in prelude talk...I'd seen in events or announcements....would have been fun to be in a hunting party and have some game spawned to actually be able hunt for a change, and raise hunting skills possibly....meh...back to terraforming.... ;/

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