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    Industrial Strength Recruiting ALL PLAYERS WELCOME

    Please Contact Baby, Dang, or MrDDT in game about joining.

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    Currently Recruiting All types for Good Times

    Click here to visit the Industrial Strength's website

    Industrial Strength is recruiting ALL players!

    Are you looking for a tribe of fun, hardworking, good people to hang out with while building an epic town to call our home and learn the game? Industrial Strength is based on the thought that Xsyon will become a very fun and niche sandbox game.

    All players are welcome, old or new. Industrial Strength Boot Camp is set up for our newer players to learn the game and skill up in. We are happy to give out advice, tools, weapons, food etc to all new players joining our tribe. We expect no taxes or any type of payment system. We want people to join and just be part of something to help with the Xsyon experience.
    We welcome all types of players and plan for our tribe to fully enjoy all aspects of Xsyon. We have room for both hard core players with lots of time to devote to the game as well as those with busy outside-the-game lives that just want to hang out and relax for a few hours a week.

    Respect, Fun and Learning

    Industrial Strength has been around Xsyon from the start maintains an active and lively Ventrilo (voice chat not required). Our members are laid back, helpful, and know how to conduct themselves in a mature manner. We know how to have a good time while helping new players in or out of the tribe. We’re good people who are always looking for more good people to have fun with. Come join the fun as we establish a leading tribe and make your mark in the Xsyon world.

    About Industrial Strength

    First and foremost, Industrial Strength will not allow members to grief other players, cheat, exploit or break any rule of Xsyon world.

    Industrial Strength has been playing Xsyon from the start. Only lately have we felt the need to open up to the forums to help new players learn the game.

    Industrial Strength has played in many games as a focused team, and as a laid back fun guild/tribe, focused on providing our membership with the highest quality leadership and experiences within the tribe. We strive at being a militaristic type of guild, but at the same time we understand and embrace the creative side that people have, asking for input from all members. Our highly qualified leadership have many years of experience – as both players and as leaders of various games and guilds.
    We have some of the best hunters, crafting and combat guys/gals in the game. Here are some of our hunting trips for gathering rare mats for our crafting members.
    Hunting Party 1
    Hunting Party 2
    Hunting Party 3
    Hunting Party 5
    Hunting Party 6 (My favorite)

    About Industrial Strength's Plans in Game

    Industrial Strength's Boot Camp is setup to help new players understand the game. Later as they grow the world and add contested features we plan on having our PVP tribe Industrial Strength be a mercenary tribe open for hire. Right now Industrial Strength is the leading tribe in trade and support. We plan to keep this going throughout the game and enforce it with even more trade agreements and trade protections. Defending traders on trade routes while they are hauling goods. Even being paid to attack traders while they are traveling. Hired to defend totems, attack totems, or hired to stay out of it. We have done this very well in other games like Darkfall Online, Wurm Online, and Shadowbane, we plan to keep it going here.


    At this time the only requirement is that you play fair and want to have fun, following the rules of Xsyon world.
    We also encourage applications from newer players wanting to learn the game.

    How to Join

    If you are a new player you can chose the starting area as our city. Industrial Strength Boot Camp
    You can reply here, and one of the officers will get back to you.
    PM me on the forums.
    You can also ask for us in /y text (global chat).
    Check out our website. WWW.IS-BC.COM
    You can whisper some of our officers. (To whisper a player type /w name space)
    /w MrDDT (Leader)
    /w Baby (Tribe Organizer)
    /w Dang (Crafting Officer)

    Our Tribe is located in the southern part of the lake area. BIG PINK DOT!!!

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    Welcome new players to the tribe.

    New players looking to join, you can now choose Industrial Strength as a starting location. We are happy to help new players learning the ropes. See you soon.

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    Congrats to everyone at the event. GREAT JOB -IS- taking 1st through 6th, in the King of the Hill event!!!

    Welcome new members, we are now the largest active tribe.

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    There's always something for you to do at IS. We will beginning our absolutely epic keep soon, and it is a massive undertaking. By no means necessary do you have to do anything the tribe is doing, you should just do what is fun for you. However, almost all of the time there is a group activity going on, whether it be terraforming, hunting, logging, gathering, PvP, etc.

    One of my favorites has to be terraforming with a group of 5+ in the same area. It's awesome how fast stuff gets done, and how much more fun it is.

    Welcome to all our newest members!

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    A big welcome to our new members.

    Konata, Shreds, Luka, and GrimReaper! Welcome!

    Tribe is becoming very active. Good things are ahead of us.

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    Wow welcome all the new players.

    Keep up the good work guys. Love the screenshots and stuff. I think next week we are going to work more on building up the walls/tower.

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    Welcome all the new members. WOW getting a lot of action going on here. This last week we got about 6 new members. Good job guys on all the hard work on the city while Ive been gone.

    Here is our latest Hunting screenshots.

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    Wow good job Koal on the video, and hunting parties Fyrex.

    Keep up the good work everyone. Welcome to all the new members.

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    Wow, we are really growing fast. Good job guys on staying active and getting new people into the tribe. Keep up the good work. I should be more active here soon. Just doing some testing and other stuff.

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