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    I feel like I should post here ^.^

    After so much time away, I thought I would post here again and just recap on me ^.^

    I signed up before the release of game and before a time with this wonderful forums. So saw a need to get the forums used at the time trashed and updated to something more powerful.

    In talking with staff here I found a passionate team behind the staff and decided to see where I could fit in with such a team. Time went on and I was accepted into the team and unfortunately a failing PC, and internet connection speeds meant that actually playing Xsyon became out of the question.

    After time, life got in the way, my mother's health took a very big noise dive till where we are today and she needs 24/hr inhome care - which I try to provide.

    Recently my own health has taken a big down turn as well, but no one knows why, so I'm on waiting lists for big tests - public health systems aye ^.~

    I recently became inactive as a player in Wurm Online, because of my connections to the game I can't say why I left, but will always hold Wurm in my heart as a game I have loved. As I left with my head held high, I do hope that if I return to the game I would be welcomed back, but with so many changes to the game who knows where it will be from a year from now.

    Pre-dating Wurm, I also came from my first real online game - A Tale in the Desert. And from that I am really scared. Not only did it leave me not liking online games, it left me in despair that a developer could be so flip-flop and wishy-washy in how he codes the game. One moment he is firm in his ways that it will never change, then a close friend whispers in his ear and the whole firmness of issues go out the window and in comes a "live" patch to the game to disallow abilities that have been allowed since the start of the game. Something I can never accept or allow in my own playing life.

    So here I am, continuing the chapters of online gaming life. Trying one step at a time to make it work with real life - got to love that cursed life thing sometimes!

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    Welcome back kiwibird, Xsyon has missed you.

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    Welcome Back, hope the holidays are good for you.

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    Welcome back. Hope your health recovers. Take a look at these dvds, you may find them helpful (all on Netflix if you have it):

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    Again, welcome back Kiwibird, it's too good to see you here. I can't be any happier right now.

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    Welcome back, kiwibird, good to see you again

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    Wb kiwi bird. Doughboy here, nice to see some former wurm players.

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