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    I spent all day yesterday cutting down/ thining trees in my zone "I went through five axes" and after all that I still could not plant one tree? I always recived the error msg "zone is at it's maximum tree count" how dose that work? do i have to cut down every tree befor it will let me plant 1....

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    Means you have a lot of trees in your zone. I think its around 250 trees per zone.

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    yeah, i had the same thing! kept cutting trees but there are maybe two problems! people planting trees like crazy in other areas of your zone. Also, is seems that their tree respawning system is a little over zealous. I found that it would often spawn like 3 or 4 trees on the same spot or very close. This means there can be a lot of trees in a small area somewhere in your zone. I found almost walls of trees popping up around me. Will be interesting to see if you are ever able to plant trees!

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    You are able to plant, in my zone ppl been planting trees like crazy. There is a zone limit, I thought its 500 per zone, but DDT might have a better info on that.

    The problem is probably that your zone is way above the limit, it might have 800-1000 trees, and until you get below that you cannot plant new ones. Ofc there is an exception to this, trees can automatically pop baby trees in their vicinity, so in fact if you do not aggressively cut down a big chunk of them, your zone will be always above the limit.

    On another note, a DEV came by a few days ago and said we have 4000+ animals ingame and 270-280k trees. It is a bit hard to believe, but if the numbers are accurate, then we have 120 zones, meaning we have on average 33 animals per zone and 2250 trees per zone. This could mean if you are (un)lucky, your zone might have 5000+ trees.

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    I can confirm that if you keep on cutting trees, eventually you are able to plant new ones.. I've 'tested' in zone 977 last week and after I cut down over 300 trees I could plant 1 new one.. after that I got the same message again..

    Lets hope you are not in a zone where others plant also.. lol

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    atm each zone has a tree cap of 500.

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    When there was no way to restore an areas trees, clear cutting was the bane of most players. And those doing the cutting were considered griefing others.

    Spawning babies was a great next step, as it helped provide needed resources closer... but clear cutting still went on, and some were forced to go further and further away to get logs.

    With tree planting, all that is moot.

    Now, it will become what it should be... Tree Management.

    Trees can become not just a source of logs but decorative.

    Might I suggest, you cut huge portions of your trees into stacks and get the zones tree count down, then ( having already collected your preferred tree's type of seeds ) start putting in new trees where you want them.

    I can foresee those same clear cutters from before, using a new tactic. seeding whole zones with willows.

    So... I suggest we all go on a willow hunting spree and wipe those vermin from the face of xsyon

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    I wouldn't use preferred seed types..

    Get a bunch of all seeds, so you guard yourself against future stats on wood .

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    Gather the type of seed you would like to keep in your area and then go on a chopping spree. Cut EVERYTHING in your path to small logs (you can go back and either turn into firewood for logging xp or work on your woodcrafting with them). Eventually you will get your zone down to a managable limit. Our zone currently looks like Paul Bunyon went mad but we already have dozens of saplings appearing. We will either have everyone maxed skill or disappear behind walls of forestation.

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    One of the guides (Mihr I think) said that the count of the number of trees in a zone wasn't updating on the server. So, you may not be able to fell your zones below the max number of trees.


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