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    Just resubbed after 8 months ,

    Hello, was wondering whats going on here, its been awhile. Going to run up and see if anythings left at my old Totem up there. Probably just that giant stack of dirt i made but cant wait to find out. Problem is, cant get past the patcher (the dec 2nd one). I get to the 32mb patch and it shows 8bites and a second then 0 bites a second then the 'timed out disconnect" error. Every time. Anyone can help me out a bit? thankyou. EDIT: o.k., right on im getting some progress, just had to reconnect a few times i guess so i'll figure this one out, thanks.

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    Heya bud! Welcome Back. I remember ya from launch. Check your pm's :-) ( also you can try the euro patcher , that sometimes solves that issue, Make sure ya got the new launcher too.)

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    Welcome back Dirt. Ive passed by your stead a few times. Let me know if you need anything getting going again.


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    Welcome back Dirt.

    Glad to see some old timers coming back to check the game out again.

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    Greetings Dirt,

    Nice to see you returning, its been a while.
    To resolve this issue, make sure you have the new Launcher from here.
    Also try downloading from the EU server.

    If you still do not have any luck, please email Support and they will help in resolving your issue.

    Thank you.

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    He is in the game now, also someone else needs help in game. Not sure if other guides are online.

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    Hey thanks folks, i"m in game but seems like i cant interract with any baskets or fish or eat. Reminds me of the old lag yet no one else has mentioned it so i assume its only me. What am a i doing wrong guys? Oh and my totem is there with all the baskets and my other accounts (hehe) totems are there too, awesome. Just cant interract with stuff yet. Edit again: Cool, so i clicked on the eu patcher and voila, another little patch is downloading for me and looks like ill be fishing pretty soon. Have a few fish in my pack from spring but wouldnt let me eat them, just showed me species / quality, no "eat" option showed up. Thanks.

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    hmm, time to start haulin' some sand down south...

    Welcome back Dirt, hope the glitches you're encountering get squared away soon!

    Have fun, and if you're ever north of the lake, send a holler.

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    I'm in and everything is working great. Baskets full of stuff and some new neighbors above me too. All the scrap is still here and theres plenty of room for all the sand you guys can haul to me. Wife is downloading again as well, too.

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    Hey Hey Welcome back. Hope you do trades with you in the future....

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