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    Questions of Week 12/12 through 12/18

    Please post your questions to the Developers below.

    Thank you.

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    1. Do you have a server on which in-game chat runs through?
    1a. If not, then have you thought of getting such a server, to give the game server more power for other processing tasks? (It's quite common in MMO's to do it this way..)
    2. How many active subscriptions do you have? Estimated is totally cool.
    3. Any eta on combat related abilities?
    3a. If paused, then what is the reason?

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    Would you please clarify your plans on the following...

    1. Did you always intend for there to be "epic" players that had much greater abilities than an average player, and if so, what was this to be based on? HP? Damage? Mitigation?

    2. Some stats like HP are hidden. Is it your intention to keep these hidden after prelude or will we all be able to know where we stand respects all stats and skills?

    3. Do you feel that the game needs more scarcity of resources and better balance or do you like the setup we currently have.

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