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    Xylia is now recruiting. We are an active and friendly village located in the scenic northern mountains. Our surrounding community is active and welcoming. Housing is available for your storage needs.There is a large junkpile nearby and most any resource you would need. Senior members are always ready to lend a hand when they can to help you advance or answer any questions you may have. Our tribe works as a team when we can but we also work solo. Our tribe also has a Ventrillo server. If you are interested, please contact in game via /w (name) , aratig, solei, fomar, goathill, asharad, or jurgen. Must be 18 years of age or older to apply.

    You can also visit us on the web at:

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    Awsome to hear this, If ya need anything, Give me a shout with /w ingame :-)

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    Thanks for the comments Fatboy.

    I'll be either adding pictures or a video soon of the tribe so you can get a look at what we have and the surrounding area as well.

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    Nice! Hope to see your tribe get some new members!

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    Thank you Umirshand. We are still looking for new members.

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    It's been great living near you guys and getting to go on road trips, hunting trips, scavenging, etc.
    Nice to have generous trade partners right down the road!

    I hope new players will take you up on your offer to join, great tribe to start a new life post-apocalypse.

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    Merry Christmas Xylia members, hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

    Nice job everyone.

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    Welcome our newest member pauven.

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