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    Animals/Mutants too EZ?

    So -IS- has been out killing mutants and animals and really having a hard time finding anything that's even remotely hard to kill, the hardest toon 2 new players (2 people that have been playing around 2 weeks) to kill.

    Wondering if other players think this is just ok part of the game, and animals are there for resources like rocks, or if they are looking for something more out of them?

    Please comments.

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    I always were looking for more TBH, for instance i never really liked that bears were so weak, i understand the need for balance and stuff but come on.. try taking on a bear in real life with a knife, not gonna happen. i can understand raccoons being killed in a few hits but bears should be taken on with 3+ people.
    And IMHO there should be more epic/mutant versions that take upto ten people. My charactor is setup for hunting creatures, but with the lack of creatures and no form of tracking it's hard to play when it takes over an hour of wandering to find 1 animal that usually ends being a hamster or a cat. I just think to myself why do i even bother to play. I mean no disrespect to the devs either when i say this, but with a limited amount of time to spend on the game, i'd like it if i don't have to spend hours looking for stuff to hunt. But at the same time i don't want it to end up like most other mmo's where mobs are just everywhere all the time.

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    To me the real issue is that it takes time for them to "grow".

    Yes it does lend more realism, but the fact is even with our small population of players, an animal spawns , becomes a mutant, and within a day or two at most, bored players have killed it already.

    I would suggest that instead of growing to massive and powerful , have them spawn already very hard to kill.

    So for animal mutants, forget about making them so dynamic, and just turn them into what they need to be... a true challenge for a group of players.

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    hows about spawning 25k animals in the game world with mating turned up to 25x faster, then give it a week or 2. Also turn their dmgs up on them and givem 10x more hps then ddt has, Its pitaful when a player is the mutant god ingame, but yet a bear isnt. give us the big evil bears that will rip any1 to shreds and take 20 to down time over 25 minutes, To me thats a hunt, thats a REAL challenge. Now imagine this in squirels, Yes their cute, but those tiny little buggars will kick any1s asses even ddt's (if they get this boost) XD all hail the squriels as king of the lands!

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    For your next hunting trip you should intentionally feed a mutant bear over and over with players. See how strong the bear is after 10 player kills. I would be very interested to know the results.

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    Yup just throw a totem down and keep dying. It will take multiple people to do it.

    But make sure you don't let the bear despawn. Which will happen if you don't move for like 5 minutes.

    Added after 45 minutes:

    So wearing cloth gear, a shadow bear just hit me for about 18-22 damage. He had around 300 HP. I killed a deer earlier that had at least 500 HP, but didn't hit nearly as hard as the bear. Also, the deer wasn't mutant, but normal. I will admit the shadow bear was some what challenging.

    But then as soon as I go to harvest the shadow bear, I get the stupid bug where you can't click anything. So of course the corpse despawns and I miss out on the stuff.

    My luck with stuff that doesn't matter, it's so terribly bad.

    Fix the bug where after leaving combat mode you can't click anymore, please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorCalGooey View Post
    Yup just throw a totem down and keep dying. It will take multiple people to do it..

    not everyone has a 'spare' totem to throw down...and travel quite far

    But, a lone individual, should not be able to conquer every thing alive....and using DDT is hardly a comparison, as most people have not reached his level

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    Seriously.. Have any of you fought an adult version of a mutant?

    I can link you a video.. I'm not saying I do immense damage or am the best or have shit loads of HP, but I still usually do a lot more damage than what I can muster on a grown up mutant raccoon.

    I do however agree, a faster growing/experience wouldn't hurt the normal animals.

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    Since the last update creatures in general seem a whole lot harder but mutants are pretty dangerous now and require a group not anything you will solo kill.

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