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Thread: ping issues ?

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    ping issues ?

    Howdy, angie and i have been trying to get back in game for a few days. Seems like we'll get some huge ping after awhile and lag out big time. Did a ping test to chicago and it wasnt terrible. i got the "extreme" internet which isn't too bad but we are having some connection issues which so far has made it largely unplayable. we are in b.c. which is the left side of canada and used to run 3 accounts at the same time no problem a few months ago. Anyone have any advice for us? I think its an internet thing and have tried lowering settings, shadows off, e.t.c.. i usually login with the eu server and have tries the u.s. server too. Sometimes i can get in game but after about 5, maybe ten minutes the ping goes 600 + and lag out we do. Thanks.

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    I have noticed the same issues just over the past few days. I am in Southeast US. My ping jumps around where before it was usually constant at 47. Like you, the lag takes over or I disconnect before too long. So, I havent played much this week.

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    I get spikes every now and then but more often in the last week. It spikes up to 1600, but then eventually drops back down to 31. I don't get disconnected to often maybe once or twice a day it lags out. I am in Ontario Canada.

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    Have definately noticed higher pings and spikes recently. Used to run solid 31-47ms for hours on end, now it bounces up to 160+ms regularly and sometimes spikes to 300+. I haven't had any spikes that actually affect gameplay, yet.

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    aye i noticed the ping outs, been watching every1 in my area dc/crash alot anymore, seems that bug is back and wants revenge.

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    Thanks folks, I have redownloaded and am hoping for the best. When i hit "patch" on the launcher, i sometimes get the "unable to connect to patch server" or a long delay while "connecting" before i get "connected". Sometimes however, it will connect quickly and i'll even get through "downloading entities" in one minute instead of five. I figure its the internets and i cant fix that stuff. I moved my computers from the back of the house up to the front and perhaps theres some bad connections in the lines up here or something like that. I do the speedtest and its inconsistent lately. If they didnt have those fancy connectors to splice onto the cable wire i would be able to create a decent connection but looks like i'll get the shaw cable guy in to fix us up. Thanks again.

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