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    Questions of Week 12/19 through 12/25

    Greetings Survivors! Please post your Questions to the Developers below...

    Thank you.

    Have a fantastic Holiday and new year!

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    How hard would it be to give us a destroy option for bins, baskets, backpacks, pouches, and bowls? Why doesnt bins left outside of tribe areas become public? We could clean up alot of clutter in the world if we could destroy abandoned basketry and campfires. They have one man tribe areas available, I dont understand the need to have private basketry out side of that. It would also prevent the 'drop backpack' when attacked scenario, when someone is attacked....hard to loot a dropped backpack..because it is now a private basketry...outside a tribe area.


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    You have done well with mutants.

    Question: will we ever see zombies get added back in? I know they were tried in beta, and that you needed to have them work with the new combat changes.. but When?

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    Nice to see you mention the abandoned totems in the update today, I assume this means we will see some work on this in the near future? Have you settle on a mechanic for totems? Will there be upkeep? Is so, what items will we need for upkeep? Will there be expansion totems?

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    1. How are Carts actually doing? Near completion? Half-way there? need to start from scratch? Somewhere in-between two of them?
    2. Have you noticed any increased fps lag?
    3. Have you seen the recent lag spikes?

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    Was thinking about coming back and playing xsyon, but by the look of the forums it seems like the community is fairly dead.
    How many people are online at a time? less than 100?

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